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What is CSV file orders?

What is CSV Drop Shipping Orders

Shipping Method for Drop Shipping

Many customers asked us that what exactly is CSV file orders, and now we provide a description here.

The CSV file order is one kind of bulk drop shipping order list. You can export your Shopify orders as CSV file which is the orders need to be processed. And when you choose the processing manager, you could choose whatever name you want. This is the website link that can tell you how to place CSV drop shipping order:

How to Import an Excel or CSV Order

By the way, when the order has done and the products are shipped to the customers, there is no need to pay the import tax. Since we drop ship them only on units or two, maybe 10, these are a very small amount, and the custom will consider it as a gift, each country has a policy that tax-free for a gift or small value staffs.

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