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What is CSV file orders?
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Why the Tracking Information of My Package updates so slowly?

Some customers always confused about the question that why the tracking information of my package stay in a location for a Long time without having a change. Today we are talking about this question.

For international shipping, the custom is a very strict role. They are always inspecting parcels in bulk instead of one by one.  When they find one hazardous article in a bulk large carton,  and happened one of our parcels (despite we are normally products) are also in this carton, then they will stop approving the large carton and take them aside. Next step, they will put to them a more advanced inspection, they will open the carton and inspect them one by one. For this period, it will take very long time, that is why the tracking information stay still without moving.

So when our clients place an order and pay, we will send the tracking number to them so that they can check the tracking  information conviencedly. We also can help the clients to check if they request, and  we always use ’17 track’, it is a efficient website to check shipping information.

Anyway, we will try our best to prevent the products from loosing and promise deliver goods to customers on time.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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