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How to get tracking numbers?

Situation A: You had your eCommerce Stores connected to CJ APP.

–If your online store has been connected to CJ APP. Then the tracking numbers will be synchronized to your stores automatically and you don’t need to do anything. And you can check your store directly with tracking numbers updates.

Situation B: You do not have any eCommerce store connected to CJ APP.

–If you had not your store connected to CJ APP. That means you submit your orders to CJ by EXCEL or CSV. Then you have to download the tracking numbers manually.

Here are the steps how to download the tracking numbers.

  1. My CJ>>DropShipping Center>>DropShipping Orders>>Dispatched
  2. Click Bulk CJ Order Number to filter the orders before bulk selection
  3.  Select orders that need to be exported tracking numbers>>Export Tracking Numbers 
  4. Confirm the orders that are ready to be exported
  5. Click the link here to download the excel file 
  6. You can check the tracking numbers in the excel file

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