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How to Open a Dispute on CJ APP?

CJDropshipping Dispute

CJDropshipping Dispute

We would like to help your business grow, and we will be responsible for each drop shipping order from CJ.
1. Go DropShipping Center>>DropShipping Orders>>Processing, Processed, Completed (These three sections are available to open dispute)

2. Use the SEARCH blank or click “Order Quantity” to find the issue order.

3. After you located the issue order then click the number of different status and  click “Dispute”.

4. Select the “Dispute Type”.

5. Select the Expected Operation from one of two.

6. Upload screenshot of buyer complaints (email address need to be included) and images of the parcel and leave a message to us for reviewing it.

7. After your issue order is submitted, go ‘AS Service Center’ and click “View”

8.  You will know how we deal with the dispute on this popup window.

9. If you and CJ both agreed at a refund, after you click ‘agree’ button on the dispute page, the refund will be deposited in your wallet so you can use it to pay for the next drop shipping orders.

10. Here you can check all the balance you have, and you can charge it for benefits if you like.


Here is also a tutorial video for you:

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