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How to Connect WooCommerce Manually?

CJDropshipping WooCommerce

CJDropshipping WooCommerce

Before you go to Woocommerce to set up, please make sure operations on CJ app are right.

On the dashboard of CJ app, please click Authorization first, and then click Other Authorizations.

When the page skip to Other Authorization, please click Add Store

The followed the authorization page will appear.

Having already known this?
Please see the subsequent steps which are operated on your Woo-commerce WordPress.

1. Go to your Woocommerce, click Setting and then click Advanced.

2. Click REST API and fill in the Description and choose Read/Write permission to generate API Key.

3. Go back to CJ app, fill in the information of authorization page.

In addition, on your Woocommerce WordPress, you need to install an extension of Shipment Tracking. The steps are followed.

(1) Click Plugins

(2) Search keyword Shipment Tracking

(3) Click Install Now

(4) Click Activate

(5) Activating successfully will show

(6) At last, the pop-up will appear on the right

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