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How to Connect ShipStation Manually?

If you have your online stores connected with ShipStaion, you can choose to connect your ShipStation account to CJDropshipping APP. In this way, CJDropshipping will fulfill your orders with good quality products and excellent delivery time.

However, how to connect ShipStation account with CJDropshipping APP?

  1. Login your ShipStation account:
  2. Welcome Page -> Navigation -> Account Setting
  3. Account -> API Setting -> API Key -> Generate API Keys
  4. Copy and Paste API Keys & API Secret which will be required when you try to authorize your ShipStation account with CJDropshipping
  5. After you get your API Keys and API Secret, please set in CJ system to find ShipStation authorization page as the following image shows. 

Clicking Add Store, the authorization page will show up. Please fill in the required information, API Keys and API Secret you have generated from ShipStation system.

Till then, the entire procedure of connecting your ShipStation account has completed.

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