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How to Use Video Shooting Service from CJ Dropshipping

Are you still stealing videos from other Facebook Campaign?

You should have your own video to make high use of your ads cost. CJ is providing free video for you to download, you can check them here: Video Products

You can also post a video shooting request to CJ by following steps.

Step 1 Logging in/Registration

1.1 Click here for Login or Registration.

1.2 Log in with your personal CJ account. If you don’t have one, please click Register to set up a new account.

There are 3 different ways of posting video shooting request in terms of 3 different types of products, including CJ’s , store’s and individual products. Below are the explanations based on each type of product. Since there is only one way of conducting payment and downloading the purchased videos, these steps related in store’s products and individual products can refer to CJ’s products.

1. Searching a product

Type 1 As for the products of CJ’s:

All CJ’s products have already been uploaded to our “Marketplace”, you can search the products there.

1.1 Click Marketplaceto search a product

2. Posting a video shooting request

2.1 Select a product which you want to shoot a video for, and then the details of this product can be seen. To carry on the next step, click “Video Shooting Request”.

2.2 Confirm your request

3. Request results checking

3.1 Then your request would be on the list of auditing, waiting to be audited. Click “My Videos”, then a webpage of this would be come out.

3.2 Click Video Shooting Request to view the status of your order.

4. Payment

4.1 If the order was successfully audited, firstly you need to click “View Details” to check the price.

4.2 Below is a picture of the webpage after clicking “View Details”. There are two types of price here. One is of copyright that you can download and use permanently, and the other is of no copyright that you can download and only use for a limited time.

4.3 If you are satisfied with the price, then click “Pay” to carry on.

4.4 Then, a list of payment methods will show up. Select a convenient and appropriate one for you, and click “Pay” to finish the payment process.

5. Checking your order

5.1 To check the status of your order, click “My Videos”

5.2 After the video was shot, you can download the video by clicking “Download Video”

Type 2 As for the products of your store:

1. Posting Sourcing

1.1 Click “Sourcing”, and then click “Post Sourcing Request” to post a new sourcing request.

1.2 After, you will see a webpage for completing the Sourcing Form. Tick the “Store Existed Product” and select the store, fill in the correspondent information, then click “Search” to proceed.

1.3 When the product that you want has been found, click the item and then click “Submit” to post your request.

2. Sourcing Results Checking

2.1 After posting your sourcing request, click “My CJ”and then“Sourcing” to view its status. Then a list of your sourcing requests with their status will be presented.

For successful sourcing, click “View Details” and then “View Product Detail” to see its information.

For payment and download, repeat the step 4 and step 5 for Type 1.

Type 3: As for products of individual

1. Post a sourcing request

1.1 Click “My Videos”, then a webpage of this would be come out

1.2 Click “Video Shooting Request”, a list of requests would be seen. Then you need to click “Post Video Shooting Request” on the upper right corner to post your own request.

1.3 To search the product that you want, you need to tick the product type of Individual Product

1.4 Then a webpage like this would pop up. All the blanks should be filled up. After the information was provided, click “Submit” to successfully post your video shooting request.

For payment and download, repeat the step 4 and step 5 for Type 1.

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