We Make Drop Shipping Much Simple as Drop Shipping Supplier

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We Make Drop Shipping Much Simple as Drop Shipping Supplier

Drop shipping is a new fulfillment method in recent years on international e-business. It is a new modality between B2C and B2B. The drop shipping suppliers directly help the merchants to fulfill orders and ship items to their customer, which decrease the stock cost and order-processing time for merchants. And many merchants put their eyes on China’s market and cooperate with Chinese drop shipping companies. And CJ becomes the best one for international drop shipping business and is more and more popular with merchants around the world. Why? We make drop shipping much simple.

1. We have our own app to integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce

CJ has perfectly integrated the app with Shopify, which means one-click product listing, product connecting and order syncing come true. Just connect your store with CJ app, orders will be processed automatically.

2. US warehouse both in the east and west are established

For many merchants, they’d like to drop ship items from China because of the lower price but high quality. However, long time international shipping causes many complaints from their customers. So CJ not only cooperates with many international shipping companies in order to offer bust shipping choice for merchants but also establish US warehouses in the United States. We have set up warehouse in California for many years which has help solve many problems for the VIP clients. And in recently days, just in this March, the second warehouse has been set up in New Jersey and it’s on using now. Two warehouse set up greatly helps to decrease the delivery time for US customer.

By the way, CJ is always hammering at speed up the international shipping and I believe it will become better.

3. Personal agents with English speaking

We allot personal English speaking agents to each client, which overcomes the barrier of language gap.

What does the agent do? They will help you with everything on your cooperation with CJ, from how to use the CJ app, how to process the orders to business negotiation. Never worry to contact your agent if you have problems. He is your best partner for drop shipping business when working with CJ.

Working with CJ, we make your drop shipping business much simple and easier. You do marketing and we offer you sturdy support. Give a chance to both you and me, to get a Win-Win in 2019.

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