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Growing CJPacket – Best & Reliable China-US Shipping Option

First thing first, CJPacket has been upgraded so that a more efficient transportation is ensured.

CJPacket was brought to your option last year as a partial substitute for ePacket. Many customers whose market is in the US have adopted this new shipping method for its competitive price and usually faster delivery. Now with all these advantages above, we’re still improving our service.

The upgraded version is more suitable for ordinary products over 285g, not including bulky products. Among all the available shipping methods to the US, the shipping cost of CJPacket is the second lowest. It’s just a little higher than that of China Post Registered Air Mail, which has the slowest delivery. Most importantly, from our recent shipping tests, the average delivery time of CJPacket is around 5 to 10 days. That is, CJPacket has the equivalent capacity to USPS, and is only second to DHL (Official), the most pricey one. Obviously, CJPacket is your best option with everything taken into consideration.

Furthermore, we have gone the extra mile for you. Since CJPacket is our own shipping service, we will take full responsibility for our customers’ packages. To guarantee the delivery, we will resend another package once we notice the former one is stuck at the Customs. Therefore, delayed deliveries are unlikely to happen in the future.

The last but not least, CJPacket is well established enough with all tracking information available at our own website >

Just as we always do, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best drop shipping service in all aspects, including shipping. So it is! Hope you would enjoy this improvement!

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