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Jewel shipping! A Quite Competitive Shipping Method for Jewelry Drop Shippers!

CJ has cooperated with an American shipping company Jewelshipping this month, which equips CJ to be an unparalleled dropshipping company in Jewelry niche.

Why do I say this so firmly? I’d like to explain to you from two aspects.

1. Jewelshipping.

I’d like to introduce this new kind of shipping method first. We can judge from its name that this shipping method is forged for Jewelry and some other small things like cards and pasters.

So what kind of products can be shipped by Jewelshipping? Thin and light things whose weight is under 100g. Now, attention! I’ll tell you the 2 things that you are very focused on.

a. Shipping fee.

For items under 30g, the shipping fee is $1.96, much lower than ePacket. It is very attractive for Drop shippers who sell rings or cards.

For items over 30g, but under 100g, the shipping fee is from $1.97 to $2.71, still lower than any other shipping method. You can check in the following calculation link:

b. Shipping time

As long as there are stocks in CJ’s warehouse, 7 days to the US is available. If there is no stocks, plus 2-3 days of shipping items to CJ’s warehouse from the factories. So it takes 7-10days in total. I think it is a huge surprise to Jewelry drop shippers!!!

Shipping information can be tracked in this link:

2. CJ dropshipping company

Old clients who have cooperated with CJ for a long time must know that CJ dropshipping starts from Jewelry niche. From a small team of 3-5 people to an illustrious dropshipping company, Jewelry is a eudemon of CJ. CJ has cooperated with thousands of Jewelry manufacturers in China, and we can get a much profitable price for our clients. Maybe you can get a ring with one or two US dollars. With the cooperation with Jewelshipping Company, the shipping price is much lower than before. I really feel very glad for this change. You know, sometimes, the shipping fee may be much higher than the product price.

With the born of Jewelshipping, CJ is fully confident that no company will overpass us in Jewelry niche. If you are Jewelry sellers, why not work with CJ? We are waiting for you!

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