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CJDropshipping App Available on Mobile Devices

Though the hard work of our IT colleagues, CJDropshipping app has been listed in Google Play and App Store for all users to download. You can find the app by searching ‘CJDropshipping’ or just pulling out your phone and scanning the QR code above. Finally, we all can get rid of the computer for business purpose when playing outside!

One question you may have is about our app feature – what can we do with your app? Well, let me walk you through.

1. Product Sourcing

If you cannot find your products in CJ, this feature enables you to post sourcing requests to us. Based on your provided information, we will find you matched products from cooperated factories, 1688.com and Taobao.com. Once we get a supplier, the product will be uploaded with details which can be viewed from your sourcing list.

2. Product Listing to Online Stores

Listing means adding products you are interested in from CJ to your online store. All the details will be taken care of by our system. The only thing you need to do is set the selling price. Moreover, when orders come in, we will offer you product supplies. Also, you are able to check out the imported products in the list from the mobile app.

3. Product Browsing

On the app homepage, you will see the top-selling categories, best sellers, new arrivals and so on. This helps you to learn the product trend conveniently in any place. Besides, you can search a certain product by its name. All the products details, such as the description and video, are viewable.

4. Shipping Cost Calculation

Shipping cost is an important factor for your drop shipping business. This shipping calculation tool allows you to estimate the shipping cost to any countries for products of all attribute. Therefore, you will have a basic knowledge of the total drop shipping cost and set your profit rate reasonably.

In addition to the features above, our app for iOS devices has one more highlight – store authorization. We can easily connect the online store with CJ account, which paves the way for syncing products and orders. The automatic processing will greatly save out time and energy for scaling up the sales.

Download our mobile app. Free ourselves from the computer! Handle the business anytime anywhere!

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