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E-commerce Status and Sales Potential in Morocco

General information about Morocco

Population: 36,191,805

Number of Internet Users: 20,068,556

Internet Penetration: 57.60%

Mobile Phone Users: 11,755,000

Mobile Phone Penetration: 33.40%

Language Spoken: Arabic, Berber, French

Because of the Africa’s highest Internet penetration rate, E-Commerce is small but growing in Morocco. On a global scale, mobile phone are being more and more widely used for digital purchases. One major hurdle, however, is a lack of online payment systems. There is a high instance of credit card fraud in Morocco and several U.S. companies have blocked access to Moroccan Internet Service Providers (ISP). Most transactions made online in Morocco still have the payment executed offline.  Restrictions on outbound hard currency cash flows also limit international purchases. Internet payment systems such as PayPal are available.

The top 6 e-commerce stores in Morocco

Top1: jumia.ma

Category: home and garden

Purchasing and selling online in Morocco at the best prices, it can delivery everywhere in Morocco. 1st Mall dedicated to shopping of the major brands of fashion & high-tech appliances.

Top2: electroplanet.ma

Category: electric appliance

Here you can find almost all kinds of home appliances, like televisions, stereos, multimedia equipment in Morocco. Besides, the prices in store is really attractive.

Top 3: vetement.ma

Category: clothing

More than 3,000 brands on fashion items for men, women and children, which covers cloths, footwear and beauty items.  

Top 4: iris.ma

Category: consumer electronics

Iris.ma is the reference in the field of online sale of computer and electronic equipment. The site offers a wide range of products from different ranges among the most recognized brands.

Top 5: citymall.ma

Category: clothing

Sale of parapharmacy products in Casablanca, Rabat and throughout Morocco.

Top 6: myway.ma

Category: home and garden

Buy and sell online on Myway at the best prices, fast delivery and anywhere in Morocco.

The top 5 products categories in Morocco include airlines, books, CD/DVD’s, travel and hotels. Offering products from these categories can help you establish your presence on the Moroccan e-commerce market.

Top 3 payment methods in Morocco are mobile payment, credit cards and e-wallets.

International e-commerce sales potential

Selling in Morocco is worth considering for many international e-commerce sellers. A well thought out international sales strategy should help you overcome the initial burden of translating and localizing your online store.

If you’re a global online merchant already exporting to Morocco, you may be happy with your sales figures. However, you may have noticed that your Moroccan, and your international traffic in general, converts at a much lower conversion rate than your domestic traffic, even in markets that share the same language. The likely reason being, many of the components of localization, beyond translation alone, have not been optimized.

Currently, international online retailers must do a great deal of manual work, matching product categories, attributes, sizes, etc. It’s not uncommon for them to not even be sure if they’re doing it correctly. Instead, trying to localize their online stores by themselves, e-commerce sellers find it time-consuming and confusing.

Luckily, thanks to the developments in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), online merchants don’t have to spend a lot of time on e-commerce translation & localization when launching your stores abroad. Combining machines’ capabilities and the intelligence of the human brain is often the easiest and fastest way to make the most of your international sales potential in Morocco.

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