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Dropshipping supplier in Hangzhou, Shenzhen China – Wiio and Tan Brother

If you are reading this post, then you may want to know how to make a dropshipping business from China. Well, don’t worry, today I will introduce two China-based dropshipping companies to make it succeed! Just don’t forget to spend your time on this and treat your store like a real business.

Speaking of dropshipping business in China, I have to introduce a famous entrepreneur – Steve Tan. He first started to get involved in the field of e-commerce in 2005. He and his brother, Evan Tan, have several 7 and 8 figure e-commerce stores. They now share their lessons learned at events, summits and Mastermind retreats to help other entrepreneurs achieve their e-commerce goals.

Both living in Singapore, the brothers traveled the world establishing their own business, and recently helped launch Wiio which is a platform that helps dropshippers source and ship products from China they need from a Chinese warehouse. It makes sure these dropshippers get a profited price so they earn more money.

Wiio – An All-in-one Platform for Dropshipping

Wiio integrates with Shopify, which allows you to process thousands of orders, no matter how many you are dealing with, with just a few simple clicks, it can handle almost everything. So you can finally focus on the most important aspects of your business, which is developing your enterprise.

Having a reliable and trusted supplier is the key to success, you will make a lot of progress with Wiio on your side, you don’t need any other apps or store owner extensions, start using it, starting today, saving a lot every month Management fees and costs. It’s free to use and you can extend your business to the next level.

CJDropshipping – A Powerful Dropshipping Partner Based in China

In China, CJDropshipping is also a non-negligible existence in the dropshipping market. It helped many dropshippers to start their dropshipping business at the very beginning.

Minimum Investment

  No Setup Fee, No Monthly Fee, No Storage Fee, No Minimum Order

Convenient Operation

   Sourcing and listing the items you are interested into your e-commerce store take by a few clicks

Complete Services

   Services covering: Souring, Dropshipping, Marketing, Branding, Logistics, Warehousing and other services

More Product Choices

Hundreds of thousand products you can choose

   Real-time hot selling products updating

Profitable Products Price

   Price normally lower than Aliexpress and eBay vendors

Fast Delivery Time

US warehouse inventory and shipping, another faster shipping than ePacket

Now, you are familiar with these two drop shippers in China and it depends on you which is more suitable for you. However, to achieve access in this business and make it succeed, you must choose carefully.

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