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How to Transfer Stores to Another CJ Account?

Considering that some clients need the service of transferring authorized stores where some clients without time and energy can invite someone who is willing to authorize stores and then be transferred, a new feature is added on CJ system that authorized stores can be transferred. Thus, how to transfer authorized stores?

Please read the following procedures.

The operations should be conducted by the receiver of the authorized store which is set for security. For example, if A wants to transfer the authorized store to B, B should be the one who carries out the following steps.

1. On the CJ dashboard, click Authorization, and click Shopify Authorization, then click Transfer Store. If the store is not on Shopify while on Woocommerce, eBay, Shipstation and else, please click Other Authorizations, the steps are the same.

Shopify Store transferring
Other stores transferring

2. After clicking the Transfer Store, the following page will appear. The receiver needs to fill in the information of the authorized store’s account, passport, name. When the receiver click Send, the email verification code will be sent to the current store owner. Therefore, the receiver needs to ask the current store owner for the verification code within ten minutes because the verification code will expire after ten minutes. If it expires, the verification code needs to be resent and the receiver must enter the latest code.

Till everything is done correctly, the authorized store will be transferred from one person to another person.

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