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What is Points Reward and How to Use it?

Point Rewards is a newly added service on CJDropshipping. By placing orders on the CJDropshipping system, you can get certain points according to your sales amount. For example, if your sales amount is 1000 dollars, you can get 100 points which will show in your CJ dashboard. After you accumulate certain points, you can use these points to get relevant service in China which will provide great convenience to you if you are going to come to China or plan to travel in China.

So, what is included in the Point Rewards service? How to use it?

What are those rewards?

1. Pickup Service

When you are going to come to China, we will arrange a taxi to wait at the airport before your flight arrival. Our special taxi will take you to everywhere you want to go. Taking our Hangzhou office as an example, our driver will take you from the airport to our office. However, the pickup airport must be within 2-hour car distance far away from our Hangzhou office. If your flight destination is Beijing airport, we are sorry not to pick you up in Beijing.

2. Hotel Service

We will also provide hotel booking service for you. When you feel confused about booking a Chinese hotel in advance, we’d like to assign someone to do it for you. No matter it’s a three-star hotel or five-star hotel, we will perfect everything for you. You may want to know whether you can combine pickup service with this one. The answer is yes. You can choose the Pickup service and Hotel service together.

3. Food Service

Speaking of Chinese food, many of you may know Chuan cuisine which is famous for its spice. That’s correct, Chuan cuisine is the top one of famous 8 major cuisines. In fact, besides Chuan cuisine originated from Sichuan province, Zhe cuisine from Zhejiang province is a major cuisine in China as well such as Dongpo Pork which is quite popular in southeast China. If you want to try Chinese food, this service will be an excellent choice for you.

4. Translation Service

Afraid of being unable to understand Chinese and speak Chinese? That is not worth catching your worry. We will provide professional translation service for you. We will appoint a skilled translator together with you for bringing you a good experience. Generally, the service will be Chinese-English and English-Chinese translation. In the future, maybe we will support other languages, which also depends on the number of demands.

5. Tour Services

You may come to China for your dropshipping business. But Chinese fantastic scenery also deserves to have a look. In Hangzhou, West Lake is a must-go place for tourists. If you like a tranquil and beautiful landscape, the West Lake is a perfect place for you to have a visit. And the good news is that West Lake is a totally free attraction. We can book a group visit to another place of interest in advance for you as well.

How to use it?

You can find the Point Rewards section on CJDropshipping dashboard like the following image shows and click the point.

When you plan to use a service like Hotel Services, just put your mouse pointer there and then the page will turn into where you can pick the hotel type, room number, and persons. After you pick all the required information, the points needed will be calculated and appeared automatically on the corner. You can choose other services using the same way.

After you complete the steps of picking, you only need to drop down to Submit.

Then the Reservation Review will show up for you to confirm. If everything is correct, please click Submit. But it will fail if your available points are not enough to pay for the service, therefore you need to improve your sales amount to get more points.

In the end, the reservation success page will show as the following photo. If you want book more services, then just click the button it shows on the bottom.

Point Rewards is totally new and free service for CJDropshipping customers. In the past, we provide excellent sourcing and shipping service for our customers. You sell, we source and ship for you. Now, in addition to fantastic sourcing and shipping service, we will also offer a terrific visiting service covering airport transfer, hotel reservation, travel, translation, and various Chinese food. As long as you plan to visit China, you can get those cool service using your points without spending a penny.

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