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How to Use New Custom Package Feature?

Do you want to design your own custom package for your branding and white label purpose?

What’s the Custom Package?

Custom package is a feature that we provide for our customers who want to dispatch orders using their own packagings containing like a custom logo, online store, and other custom information. In the past, the custom package feature simply allows our customers to pick the added custom packaging product which provides limited choice.

Now, here is a piece of great news for you to design your own custom package that our updated feature supports your designing custom things on the CJDropshipping app. You can design your personalized package using our design tool.

How to use this new feature?

Before you log in CJDropshipping system to design your own custom information, the very first thing is that you need to talk with your agent and let him or her upload the packaging product after which you can carry out the subsequent designing. If the packaging product you want to use to dispatch orders is uploaded by your personal agent successfully, it will show up on the Custom Packaging section.

For this example, we use a jewelry flannel bag as a packaging product. ( You can upload other packaging bags or boxes you want to use)

After you can find the packaging product you required on the Custom Packaging section, just click the Design button. Then, the page will jump into the design page like the following picture shows.

Then, just click Start Design button, the design tool will pop up for you to edit. We have two major design sections, one of which is Design Layer. The other one is Product information. You can put on whatever you like there. However, there is a Printable Area that requires you only design the pattern or text on this area. Please pay attention not to cross the limited border. Completing all unique creation, please don’t forget to click the Save button.

When the designed packaging product is saved successfully, you can find it on the My Custom Packaging. Please have a check on whether that’s what you have designed. Till then, the procedure of designing your own packaging product has finished.

One more thing, in order to dispatch your orders using the designed packaging product quickly and correctly, we recommend you buy some inventory no matter where to place, either your own warehouse or CJ warehouse. Without inventory, even if your products arrive at our warehouse, we have to wait for the packaging product which will lead to the delay in your orders’ quick dispatch.

Please keep in mind that you talk to your personal agent if you have interests in Custom packaging because the very first step of uploading the packaging product is done by your agent.

Updated Custom Packaging feature provides great convenience to those who are eager to build their own brand taking it into consideration that branded and personalized product is a trend and has massive market potential. Actually, besides custom packaging, CJDropshipping supports POD product. If you can make great use of CJ POD products and Custom Packaging, there must be a bright path ahead of you to build own brand.

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