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What Are the Common Woocommerce Store Issues and What Should I Do?

Woocommerce is one of the most important cooperated platforms.

We highly value our Woocomerce customers and highly emphasize the issues from Woocommerce stores.

Given that, we make a summary of the common issues when you authorize your Woocommerce stores to CJ and list CJ products to Woocomerce stores.

Then, what are those Common issues and how to deal with them?

Please make sure each step is in compliance with what is required in the tutorial.

1. If there is a “www” beginning with your website domain, you must put it on when you are authorizing your Woocomerce store. If your website domain doesn’t begin with “www”, you don’t need to add the “www” at the head of your website domain.

2. You need to reauthorize your Woocommerce store after you give the Read/Write permission with the first time not. If you just allow single Read or Write permission at the first time and you change it after our reminding, you need to visit CJ system and reconnect it.

If you meet the following two questions, you can contact our personal agents to have a check.

3. You can list products from CJ for a long time but suddenly you can not list product anymore. For that situation, you can turn to our agents for help and we will check it for you.

4. You are a beginner of dropshipping to CJ and you use Woocommerce store connected with CJ but you find no category when you try to list products from CJ to the Woocommerce stores. Please contact our agents if you suffer such a situation and we’d like to check it for you.

For the last two issues, if the feedback we provide to you is that we cannot access your interface, there are three possible reasons. The first one is that there are several IP addresses of your domain. Secondly, there is something wrong with your proxy server and you need to talk to your server platform. The last reason is that there is something wrong with your Woocommerce stores which you need to talk to Woocomerce customer service.

For some customers, if you check with your server and Woocommerce platform and they say no problem with their service, we suggest you registering a new Woocommerce store and try to connect it with us again. After you finish all the steps required, you can try to list products from CJ to your Woocommerce stores again.

That’s all about the summary of common issues between Woocommerce stores and CJDropshipping. That may not include everything you may encounter. If you have any other problems happening when you want to work with us through your Woocommerce store, don’t hesitate to tell us. We will keep updating useful information to you.

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