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How to Use CJ and Shopmaster to Start Dropshipping

CJ now is one supplier of ShopMaster’s. ShopMaster also provides our CJ customer a dropshipping solution, which supports dropshipping from 20+ suppliers to eBay, Wish, Shopify WooCommerce and CJDropShipping. By connecting to ShopMaster, you can easily source, list, place order and get tracking information.

How to make good use of Shopmaster and CJ to start and grow your dropshipping business?

Now, let’s get ready to know it.

Step 1 Connect CJDropShipping API. 
1. You need to go to ShopMaster and click the Sign up for free button to get your ShopMaster account. Choose your store app

2. Log in your nickname and store address. Pay attention to the address, don’t get it repeated.

3. Go to Setting click Manage Channels to connect your stores.

4. Click Setting> Manage Suppliers > Select CJ  

5. Login CJ > Authorization > API > API Key > Copy

6. Paste API KEY on the blank> Save

7. Go to Setting, click Droship Settings and turn on the button of Auto Order and Product Monitor these two features. If the auto-order feature is turned on, ShopMaster will mark orders which have tracking numbers as shipped automatically. You can also fill in other information if needed.

Step 2 Import CJ Products

Above all make full preparation for your dropshipping with ShopMaster. Now, you can list CJ products to your stores to enrich the variety of your items to sell.

8. Go to the Sourcing, click Product Importer. Choose import products by copy URL. Go to CJ APP, copy the product link and paste it on the ShopMaster.

9. Click Import List to edit product .You can edit the product information before import into a store. Don’t forget to save the information!

10. Import to stores. In the Import List, choose the products and click Import to Store.

Besides importing products by copying URL, you can choose importing products by Chrome Extension or by category: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgjBU1g5XY0.

Step 3 Orders

11. Go to Orders > Ready to Ship, find an order which includes CJDropshipping supplier products > click the Purchase button ShopMaster will sync CJ orders automatically, every 20 minutes of your stores connected. 

12. After ShopMaster imports orders to CJDropshipping, you need to go to CJDropshipping > DropShipping Center > Imported Orders, and add this order to Cart and then confirm this order in Cart.

13. Finally, pay for this order in DropShipping Orders.

14. You can click Sync Details to sync the order details and tracking numbers.

Here is a tutorial video for you, please click here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMhJ43eURw0

Hope these procedures will help you. Go to use CJ and Shopmaster to grow your dropshipping business now.

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