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Bulk Listing Feature is Available Now!

To provide perfect service is always our pursuit but also the goal of all e-commerce companies. One of the standards of good service is to make convenience for our users. For all drop shippers, it will include the convenience of connection, listing, placing orders, shipping and after-sale service, etc.

For a long time, we learned that our many users are finding a way to list a bulk of items to their store. Our team also thinks it should be considered and are willing to respond to the request. Therefore, now we can declare that bulk listing feature is available now.

Here we will clarify the steps of bulk listing:

Step 1: Select the product you want to sell from the searching results or categories, and click ‘Add to Queue‘, then it will show under the ‘Queue’ button.

Step 2: Click ‘Queue‘ to check and select the products you’re going to list.

Step 3: Click ‘Bulk Listing‘ to set the pricing rules for your products. You can set the fixed price for all selected products, or set the multiplier or markup method, then click ‘Confirm‘ to see your price.

Step 4: Click ‘Start Listing‘ to select your store, category and shipping method for these items. After ‘Confirm’, you will see the listing status of these items under ‘On Listing’ tab.

Step 5: After listing completed, all items will appear under ‘Listed‘ tab. Here you can see the product name, SKU, your price and shipping method you chose.

We have to clarify that the bulk listing feature is only available for Shopify store for now. Before listing, you still need to confirm that all tasks under ‘On Listing’ have been completed.

We sincerely hope the new feature will make your dropshipping business easier.

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