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How to Use CJ US Warehouses to Boost Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a type of business model which enables dropshippers to do business without maintaining product inventory and having to ship their products to their customers themselves. The suppliers and fulfilling company will store products and directly ship them to final customers.

However, if you want to stand out and grow dropshipping business bigger, you can not just publish ads and place orders then wait in queue for orders’ processing, in particular during high season and Chinese Lunar New Year and even this unexpected coronavirus. You need to prepare product stocks to warehouses regardless of your own or other warehouses like CJ’s warehouse in advance for high season and supplier vacation. Only in that way you can boost store orders and normally send them out without any delays.

CJ already has two warehouses in the U.S. CJ is building the sixth warehouse in Indonesia and plan to build the seventh warehouse in Europe.

Why you need a warehouse?

1. Fast order processing and delivery. The general dropshipping procedure is that supplier dispatch your order after you come to place order. That makes sense in normal days but there will be some problems during peak season. During peak season, suppliers have to process orders according to paid time because lots of buyers make purchase at the same time. You cannot get promise that your orders can be processed faster which will undoubtedly cause delays to some customers.

2. Continuous ads on vacations. By purchasing product inventory to warehouses ahead of vacation, you can continuously run ads for your products while some without stocks have to stop. For example, the vast majority of dropshippers have to temporarily suspend Facebook ads during Chinese Lunar New Year holiday because Chinese suppliers and logistics companies are on vacation.

3. Fulfill needs of some country-sensitive customers. Using local warehouse enables parcels marked from local. Country-sensitive customers don’t want parcels from some particular states or regions like China.

CJ warehouses are set for these purposes. Taking CJ US warehouses as an example, by buying product inventories there, you can enjoy 2-4 delivery by USPS+ from the time you place order to parcel received, which is a great attraction to US customers compared with those which take weeks even months to arrive at the U.S. And you can still run ads and place orders as normal during CNY because US warehouses and US shipping service will not be affected by CNY. The last but not least is that you can meet country-sensitive customers’ needs if they don’t want parcels shipped from China especially after the COVID spread in China.

What’s the policy of using CJ US warehouses?

1. The product amount for one SKU is no less than 10pcs for a variant and no less than 100pcs for total.

2. The goods cannot be measurement cargo.

3.Customers place the USA inventory orders and pay only for products, then we will ship them to the USA warehouse.

How much does CJ charge using CJ US warehouses?

1. If your products are sourced from CJ, it’s totally free to use CJ warehouse. No setup fee, no monthly fee, no storage fee. It’s FREE. The only costs for you are product cost and shipping cost.

2. If you have your product supplier but want to use CJ warehouses, which is CJ’s fulfillment service, CJ will charge service fees such as processing fees and storage fees.

What’s the procedure if I want to buy the inventory to US warehouses?

If you are determined to purchase some inventory to CJ US warehouses, simply go to our site and follow the steps. You only need to pay for products at that time. After receiving your purchase request, CJ will prepare products and ship them to CJ US warehouses by DHL. Then you can start to run your ads advertising with domestic shipping service and promising 2-4 delivery. Once you get converted orders and place deducted orders to CJ where you only need to pay shipping fees by USPS+ without paying for products, CJ will process the orders at the fastest speed.

If you choose to use normal order fulfillment service, the procedure is that CJ will process orders and ship them out from China warehouse to final customers after confirming your orders which usually takes 7-15 days by CJPacket.

To further drive dropshippers’ business growth, CJ removes the restriction that only VIP can apply for CJ US warehouses as well as other warehouses like Thailand warehouse. Only in that way, dropshippers can make full use of CJ’s service to benefit each other and go further.

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