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How to Create Sub-account for Your VA in CJ APP?

Do you start your business with your partners? Or have you found your niche and receive regular orders daily?

There are some customers asking us if they can use the same CJ account with their partners. We guess many of you will hire employees to deal with your business when you have stable orders per day. In this situation, it becomes necessary to share the account. That’s why we add a new feature that allows you to add a sub-account for your partners or coworkers.

Step 1: Login your account and Click “Account”

Step 2: Click “Add Account”

Step 3: Choose the account type and permission.

There are two types of accounts: Administrator and Employee. You need to set the name, username, and password for the account.

They will have different permissions. Generally, the administrator will share the same permission that he/she can view everything and make operations and even manage other accounts; while the employees can only have partial permissions that you need to add for them.

But what should be noticed is you can only add 3 administrator accounts at most.

Step 4: Check all your subaccounts.

You can check all accounts under your account and search by Name, Username, Role or Account status here.

Isn’t it easy? Have a try.

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