How to Combine Orders on CJ for the Same Receiver?
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How to Connect with CJ for My Combined Products

There’re many ways to make product promotion. It might take the form of advertising the product in question via print or Internet ads, direct mail or e-mail letters, telephone, and personal sales calls, TV and radio ads. The above ways may cost money even at a high price.

But how to connect with CJ for my combined products?

Hey, guys! Try to make a Promotional Mix. It is easy and without money.

It is an easier way to make your product get promotions.

What is Promotinal Mix?

It is the one that Combines multiple items with a strong correlation to produce a new SKU as the main SKU, and the other SKUs of the items are the secondary SKU. Take beauty cleansing as an example.

The followings are the single items of beauty cleansing, so they own their SKUs.

1. Ultrasonic Cleansing Device with SKU: CJBJPFMB00537-Black 2. Beauty cleansing tools with SKU:  CJBJMRDD00019-A Style 3. Cleansing instrument with SKU: CJBJPFMB00432-Pink

These items will sell well if they can be in one set, and it is convenient for a customer to purchase it. So, here comes Promotional Mix with another new main SKU: CJBJPFMB00537-Tools set 1

There’s another way to make product promotion—buy one get two, which is used by most sellers.

In this case, you don’t need to make another SKU, just to add the quantity in SKU. It will generate a new SKU. For example, Whitening Foot Mask SKU: CJJJJTJT10299-Lavender only with 1 piece. You can set it as 2pcs/3pcs/4pcs/5pcs/6pcs as you need. See, the SKU becomes to CJJJJTJT10299-Lavender 2pcs/3pcs/4pcs/5pcs/6pcs.

It seems very easy, how to get it done?

Please contact your agent to help add the quantity or create another new main SKU. Don’t forget to bring your agent the SKU and your requirements.

Isn’t it easy? Can’t wait to try? Go to find the products that may get a good sale after setting. Just do it!

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