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CJ Warehouses Home and Abroad

758 4 mins article
Date Created: 2020-12-04 6:46:16 Last Edited: 2021-4-27 9:53:56

CJ has 8 warehouses in total, including 3 warehouses in China (Jinhua, Yiwu, and Dongguan) and 5 overseas warehouses (Chino and New Jersey in the US, Indonesia, Thailand, and Germany). Among them, the Indonesia warehouse is our cooperated warehouse, and the rest is our own warehouses. Here we introduce all our own warehouses and the features they have.

What do CJ warehouses look like? Let's look at the video!


1. China warehouses

a. Jinhua warehouse/Yiwu warehouse

Both warehouses are located in Zhejiang, a coastal province in southeastern China. The two cities, Jinhua and Yiwu, enjoy flourishing business development and have plenty of suppliers and factories. Therefore, many ordinary products in our customers' orders are dealt with in the two warehouses.

Note: If you place private inventory orders of POD products in the China warehouse, we recommend you choose the Jinhua warehouse because of its better equipment to produce this kind of item. 

b. Dongguan warehouse

The warehouse is in one of China's economic centers. If your orders include products of special attributes, such as liquid, electronic, and pasty fluid, we normally ship them from the Dongguan warehouse.

2. US warehouses (New Jersey and Chino warehouses)

CJ has two warehouses relatively in the east and west of the US. One is in New Jersey and the other is from Chino. If you choose the US warehouse to ship your products, we usually allocate the closest one for you according to the order destination so that your customers can receive the packages as soon as possible.

3. Thailand warehouse 

Our Thailand warehouse is a special one in CJ. For one thing, it is the only warehouse supporting COD products. For another, our customers with Shopee/Lazada stores may encounter lots of problems when the destinations are the countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. While for Shopee Thailand, you can pre-order from China warehouse and we can ship them to the Thailand warehouse. 

4. Germany Warehouse 

Our Germany warehouse is located in Frankfurt. If your customers are mainly from Germany, the warehouse will be a good choice to ship products from.


1. Our foreign warehouses can only process the orders within the country. For example, the US warehouses can deal with the orders, whose destinations are within the US.

2. All our own warehouses can serve as places for private inventory. But currently, service products are only available in China and the US. As for the service fee, please check the tutorial

3. Our POD products are printed in the China warehouses. If you want to have a private inventory of POD products, we do not have a MOQ requirement in domestic warehouses, but there is a MOQ at overseas warehouses.

4. Custom packaging should be the same as that of the products in your orders. In other words, if your products are shipped from the Jinhua warehouse, it means that your custom packaging should also be stock in the Jinhua warehouse. Then our warehouse can pack them together and ship them to your customers.

If you have any other doubts about CJ warehouse, please contact us