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Why Listing to eBay Store Fails and What Should I Do?

5699 4 mins article
Date Created: 2019-9-24 14:25:29 Last Edited: 2021-6-10 10:2:0

If you have an eBay store connected with CJ and are struggling in listing products, you may need to read this article.

To list products to your eBay store, certain restrictions set up by eBay have to be met. Below please find the possible situations and suggestions for the failure in listing: 


1. Category issues.

Please select corresponding categories for products while listing.

However, certain categories are not available for some products(variants) with some sites.  For example, only a few categories such as Clothes & Accessories are available with the Hongkong site.

In this event, you could either try different categories or connect the product by adding an automatic connection(you would need to manually list the product in your store first). 

2. The International Selling Agreement was not accepted by you. 

Certain items cannot be listed if you have not accepted the International Selling Agreement. In this case, please consult eBay customer service for further instructions.

3. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy. 

Please find more information in the eBay platform policy and make sure relevant information/content is in compliance.

4. Information missing.

You can either consult eBay customer service to figure out what these codes mean or reconnect your eBay store and try to list again.

5. Exceed the limitation of quantity or the listing amount.

eBay allows you to list up to 342 items and 17,300.06 US dollars in total sales per month. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to list products once the limits have been exceeded. Such status of your store can be found on your eBay admin page like the screenshot below.


6. The email address you entered is not linked to a Paypal account.

Please make sure you have entered the same email address registered with your PayPal account when you see the message below. 


7. The email address you entered cannot be used for Paypal payments at this time.

In this case, it is suggested that you contact eBay customer support, Paypal support, or your email server to identify the problem.

8. Invalid format of the PayPal email address. 

Please make sure the format of the PayPal email address is correct.



Please feel free to submit a ticket, write to support@cjdropshipping.com, or consult in our chatroom for any suggestions regarding your experience with our system or services.  

Your feedback will be very much appreciated as we’re always dedicated to helping every dropshipper by improving our service and products.