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How to Place a Manual Dropshipping Order to CJ?

5736 4 min article
Create Date: 2020-2-14 10:6:23 Last Edited: 2021-1-07 9:38:23

CJ develops a feature that allows CJ customers simply to create orders inside the CJ platform. In the following, we will introduce:

1. Why CJ develops such a feature?

2.  What's the difference between the dropshipping order and the bulk purchase order?

3. How to create orders for those special orders?


1. Why CJ develops such a feature? 

a. Some dropshippers don't have their own online stores and ask whether they can work with CJ. Basically, authorizing stores to CJ will bring great convenience to list products and automatically have orders fulfilled, but they can simply import orders by uploading an Excel file without authorized stores. 

b. Creating an order feature will also be quite useful when you are unable to have your store orders imported from platforms like Amazon. As the integrated platforms are concerned, Shopify is the most popular and stable one. Failing to pull your orders into the CJ system always lets people down, although you can place orders through an Excel file.

c. Many customers misplace dropshipping orders with bulk purchase orders in Purchase List. Some customers always take the dropshipping orders to Purchase List and pay there. Some others feel troublesome to place orders by Excel files. However, if a customer misplaces dropshipping order to bulk purchase order, the processing procedures will be totally different. It may cause many after-sales problems like delayed processing, incorrect packaging, too short dispute reserved time.

Now CJ provides a place for dropshippers to place those special orders more conveniently. If you have orders without online stores or failing to be imported anyhow, please log in to your account and create orders now.

2. What's the difference between the dropshipping order and the bulk purchase order?

a. Dropshipping order generally comes from online stores and the recipients are usually the final buyers instead of dropshippers. Surely CJ's new feature allows orders placing not from online stores. In addition, the product quantity of dropshipping orders is small.

b. Bulk purchase order, in most cases, is used to buy large quantity products for dropshippers to stock themselves. If you want to buy private inventory, please complete it there. The bulk purchase order can also be used to place a test order for dropshippers who first time visit our CJ Dropshipping website.

Here comes a conclusion, the product quantity and target recipients are the two major differences.

3. How to create orders for those special orders?

  a. Go to Dropshipping Center;

  b. Click "Create Orders" and add the SKU;

  c. Fill in the shipping information;

  d. Add to cart and pay.

1. Log in to your CJ account and go to Dropshipping Center;


2. Click "Create Orders" and add the SKU, then choose the Specification and Quantity;

Note: Please make sure the product has been added to the SKU list first and then connect the package if you have stock.


3. Click "Check Out" and "Create Orders" after filling in all the shipping information required;

Note: For the order number, you could enter any number as you want as long as it helps you sort out your orders. 


4. Add to cart and pay.

The order created will show under "Process Required". You just need to add it to the cart and pay as the normal steps. 

That's the introduction of the new feature of "Create Orders". CJ hopes it will help you start your dropshipping business easily! Should you have any doubts or problems, please contact our customer support.