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How to Use CJ US Warehouses to Boost Dropshipping?

984 4 mins article
Date Created: 2020-12-29 11:52:16 Last Edited: 2021-5-12 7:35:40

Dropshipping enables sellers to do business even with no inventory. You don't need to ship your products to customers yourself, instead, suppliers and fulfilling companies will store products and directly ship them to the buyers.

However, in the American market, it is not competitive enough only to publish ads, place orders, and waiting in a queue for processing. Private inventory is significant. With CJ's US warehouses, you can boost store orders without shipping delays

(Note: Except for the US warehouses, we also have global warehouses in Germany, Thailand, Indonesia, and China warehouses). Moreover, CJ is also planning to build more warehouses globally. 


In the following parts, you'll be able to know:

1. Why you need a private inventory in the US?

2. What's the policy of using CJ's US warehouses?

3. How much does CJ charge using CJ US warehouses?

4. What's the procedure to have a private inventory in CJ's US warehouses?


1. Why you need a private inventory in the US?

a.  To shorten the processing time. During peak seasons, orders from sellers are a deluge. You can never get a promise that your orders will be processed promptly if products are out of stock.

b. For continuous sales on vacations. By purchasing inventory ahead of suppliers' vacation, you can continuously run your business. For example, sellers have to temporarily suspend Facebook ads during the Chinese Spring festival if they don't have enough stock.

c. To fulfill the needs of some country-sensitive buyers. Country-sensitive customers don't like parcels showing Chinese information (It's one of the reasons why CJ establishes global warehouses). However, using a local warehouse enables parcels to be marked as local shipping


2. What's the policy to use CJ US warehouses?

a. The quantity of one SKU of a product is no less than 10pcs for a variant and no less than 100pcs for the total.

b. The goods cannot be oversize.

c. You need to place the pre-inventory orders with US inventory, and only need to pay for the product fees first.


3. How much does CJ charge using CJ US warehouses?

a. If your products are sourced from CJ, there would be no setup fee, no monthly fee, no storage fee. The only costs are product fees and shipping costs.

b. If you have your own supplier and want to use CJ's warehouses, you would need to use CJ's fulfillment service. And CJ will charge service fees such as processing fees and storage fees.


4. What's the procedure to buy a private inventory in the US warehouses?

First, you only need to pay for the product fees. After receiving your purchasing request, CJ will prepare products and ship them to the US warehouses. Then, you could start to run your ads advertising with domestic shipping service and promising 2-4-days delivery. When your customers place orders for the products, you could import them to CJ. After deducting your inventory,  you only need to pay for the freight, and we'll fulfill the orders for you then.