Randall Zhou


Bulk Listing Feature is Available Now!

To provide perfect service is always our pursuit but also the goal of all e-commerce companies. One of the standards of good service is to make […]

Downloadable Dropshipping Agreement for eBay, Shopify, Amazon, Lazada, Shopee Dropshippers

It has to be admitted that dropshipping is one of the most profitable and easy ways of getting in business. From the statistics showed on Google […]
search or source a product by image

How to Search or Source a Product by Image on CJ?

Are you troubled with how to describe the items you exactly like or you want to find? Do you feel frustrated when you can search nothing […]

Thailand-CJ’s Another New Warehouse

CJ is expanding its reach across the world. CJ DropShipping business now has five warehouses, two in China, two in US, one inThailand, where we pack […]