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Защо проследяващият номер не работи? Синхронизиране на проследяващи числа преди или след изпращане

Why does a tracking number not work? Do you have the same confusion? The article will answer the question.

Syncing before and after dispatching are two ways to synchronize the order tracking number. You can do it as follows: DropShipping Orders – DropShipping Center – Awaiting Payment. Then, you will see the choices on the right. It has been painted in a red box in the below image.

1.Синхронизиране преди изпращане

The tracking number will be synced into your stores before orders dispatched in this way.

Плюсове: It will show up on your Shopify store. Then, the order will be fulfilled quickly. It will impress your customers for your efficiency. You can choose a Sync Before Dispatching if you needs a priority to provide tracking number,

Минуси: We will process your order after you pay efficiently. We can ship your package out on the same day when we are in stock. However, for some products, there is not enough inventory in our warehouse. So we need to purchase them from factories. It may take 2-4 days for us to receive the goods.

Many factories may have no inventory for the popularity of your product. So you may need to wait for several days or even longer. You can contact your agent for the specific time. However, your customer may receive the mail with tracking number already since the tracking number has been synchronized to your store. Till, tracking number does not have tracking information. It will cause a lot of troubles.

Съвети: You can choose Sync before dispatching if you buy private inventory in our warehouse. And you want to give priority to synchronous tracking number.

2.Sync след изпращане

The tracking number will be synced into your stores after orders dispatched in this way.

Плюсове: It can avoid problems and complaints from your customers. There will not be tracking information for a long time after the tracking number is provided. We will generate the tracking number. But it will not be synchronized to your store until we send out the real package. Then CJ will trigger the email to remind you. You can set the email content in your Shopify store, and we will only add our tracking number in the default content of Shopify.

Можете да настроите съдържанието на вашата поща тук.

Минуси: There is no tracking number synchronized to your shop until the package was sent out. Your shop order may be unfulfilled. It is difficult to know whether the order has been paid out or not. And it leads to repeated processing of orders. Occasionally, a few orders may be difficult to synchronize after delivery. Besides, unfulfilled orders will a long-time hanging, will increase the cancellation and refund risks of customers.

Съвети: You can choose synchronize the tracking number to reduce customers’ complaints. And the time depends on the payment time of each order. Meanwhile, you can edit the content of emails and send emails to your customers. For example, the tracking information may be delayed as the logistics company need time to process orders. Please wait patiently!

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