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How to Start and Succeed in Drop Shipping Career

Create Date: 2018-11-21 04:03:24 Last Edited: 2021-04-27 11:00:48

Every now and then, we receive a lot of emails asking about how to begin drop shipping business and what the hot selling products are. In fact, the situation is not the same for everyone, and things are subject to change over time. However, there always is one practical way to help you figure it out. First, be sure that you choose only one product. Selling multiple products in your store will expose you to the following problems:

1. Complex and inefficient supply chain.
Usually, you have to source all your products from different suppliers to get a better profit.  It would take you too much time to confirm every detail and communicate with your suppliers, which you should spend on marketing to promote your sales.

2. Unguaranteed product quality.
Your time is limited and valuable. Too many products will distract you from what you should be focused on. Most importantly, it is hard for you to control the quality of your products, which will lead to your customers' complaints.

3. Long processing time.
When you sell multiple products, it is highly possible that some of them are out of stock. Then it will take you more time than expected to fulfill orders from your clients. Consequently, you will lose your clients and ruin your business.

But how do I know which product will be the best selling? What if the product I choose seldom receives orders? That's when you need a product testing. Choose some products from a certain category and head to Facebook to run this testing. Facebook will post your products to all the targeting audience and promote sales rapidly in a very short time. The testing will cost you some money, but it is worthwhile as regards to your future business. 
During this period, we highly recommend you to source from AliExpress, in which you can find various suppliers for each product. Therefore, the stocks are guaranteed and save the testing time by processing your orders quickly. Finally, the product with the most sales in the testing is your winning product. Now your drop shipping business actually begins and you should reach out to us, CJ Dropshipping, for help. Here's what we can offer:

1. Products with the best quality and moderate price.
We will source a similar product with the best quality and competitive price. Besides, prices can be lower with discounts for bulk orders.
TIP: Please note, quality and price cannot be achieved at the same time. You have to sacrifice one for the other. To keep your business prosperous, quality is much more preferred. About the price, you can refer to that in AliExpress. It already gives a cheaper price for a single product, because of its low shipping fee with China Post. If your supplier is reliable and able to offer you an equivalent price, then there's no need for comparison.
The price is not the only thing that matters. Everything is supposed to be taken into consideration, such as quality, packaging, and shipping, etc. Failure to do such things will inevitably result in disputes, PayPal block and chargeback to destroy your business.

2. Quick processing speed.
Ever since you work with us, we would make purchases for your future orders in advance. The stocks are always available when you place orders, and we can move to the shipment immediately.

3. Developed system.
CJ's system is capable of processing your orders automatically and shorten the total time for fulfilling orders, in sharp contrast to the risks of closed orders and chargeback involved in AliExpress's order audits.

4. Best service.
Not only can we offer you efficient communications during the fulfillment, but also we have some additional services. For example, we will assist you to establish your own brand and print your products on demand. You can always explore more by joining us.

We wish your business to survive and thrive. 


This is the motto of our team sehelper.net