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Top 11 Bicycle Gadgets Recommendation

Create Date: 2020-06-26 09:27:21 Last Edited: 2020-07-31 08:06:29

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, many Americans are fearful of using public transportation. They also are looking for ways to get exercise without having to go to a gym, as well as ways to enjoy the outdoors. This directly led to a major increase in bicycle, both big mart and small stores are running out of stock. People rush to buy bicycles just like they stock toilet paper at the start of the pandemic.

The rise in bicycle sales is not happening just in the United States.

In Italy, the government’s economic support plan included a 500-euro payment to help with the cost of a bicycle. The bicycle demand in Manila, the Philipines is even stronger than Christmas time as the city has created bicycle paths for the growing number of people who want to avoid public transportation.

The bicycle fever is believed to last for several months longer, till the end of the pandemic.

So can’t wait to source for bicycles? Hold on, bicycles are not on the recommended list, cuz bicycles are too large and too heavy to be a dropshipping winning product. And bicycles are not easy to assemble when they are delivered apart in a package.

So why not sell bicycle accessories to this growing group riding bikes. Either set up a niche store or add bike products to your general store is not a bad choice, there are many types of products to sell, and the 11 products I want to recommend can be divided into 3 types, for comfort, for function and for safety.

For the comfort part, it’s all about improving the riding comfort, I selected 3 winning products.

The first product is a Bicycle Gel Saddle Cover. It’s for the narrow saddle on a mountain bike or a road bike. We know this kind of saddles is not very comfortable, especial for long-distance cycling. This gel saddle cover lever up the comfort of cycling dramatically.

An alternative product with the same function is this Cycling Shorts with Pad, it is more suitable for sports purpose, it is more professional and protects more body part. But for commuting purposes, the gel saddle cover is more universal, which means a larger group of target consumers and larger potential sales.

Another product that helps to provide a more comfortable cycling experience is this Reflective Handlebar Tape. But it’s functions are far more than provide a soft elastic touch, the material is reflective, makes cycling in nights much safer. As a consumer, I would not search for such a handlebar tape, but if I see it in the store when I am looking for other bike products, I would be attracted by its glamorous neon color under light, and add a pair to the cart.

Next part, I would share 4 gadgets that provide a better, fun experience for bike owners.

The first product in this part I would like to introduce is this Touchscreen Saddle Bag. This is a no-doubt winning product under the sub-niche of bike bag. When search bicycle bag on Facebook, the top result is the same kind of this saddle bag. Compare with old-style bike bags, this new design add a bag with a window for smartphone, just hit the pain point of using a smartphone when cycling. Another wonderful design is, the phone bag is attached to the main part with hook and loop, the phone can be taken off and attached on most conveniently.

The next product is a Portable Bicycle Pump. I could never imagine bicycle pump could be so tiny, just a hand’s length. It’s adorable and can be stored in a saddle bag I just recommend.

The third product is a Bike Wall Mount Hook. The selling point of this product is an extremely tiny size and simple design. Compared with other wall mount hooks, it is hardly noticed on the wall, will not ruin the home decor.

One question, if planning a family outing, will you bring your dog together? The answer is yes when people were going by car, because the pet car belt is one of CJ’s top sellers. But what if go by cycling? Seems not possible to carry a dog? This Bicycle Dog Basket perfectly solves the problem. The size is designed for small dogs, if you have a Huskie, just let him run with you.

For the last part, it’s all about safety. I also got 4 products to share.

The first product is a Bicycle Tail Light. This product is super super hot for now, it has 54 lists, even new dropshippers without any experience got very good sales. It is very cheap, the total dropshipping price is around $7 to the US, there are 7 patterns for option, you can offer combination options for your customers to make a more decent margin.

Bike Electronic Bell
Rearview Mirror

Bike Electronic Bell and Rearview Mirror are two products under the category, “not necessary, but glad to check out together”. So you can list these two products, and if you think they are not worth ads, push them to your customers when they add something to cart.

The last product is a super cool gadget with dirt-cheap price, I never see it before I search on bicycle products, it’s an Anti-theft Bike Lock With Wireless Remote Control. It’s not for protecting the safety of the cyclist, it protects the bicycle from thieves. It’s much more convenient and super cool to use this remote control lock than a lumpy alloy lock. And the total dropshipping price is under $10 to most countries, it is believed to have a good performance in those areas where the security is not so good.