Comandes dividides
Com dividir les comandes amb sobrepès a l'aplicació CJ?
Després de la promoció per a les Jornades del Treball, Dropshipping VS General eCommerce Platform

Com devolució de comandes de caiguda a l'aplicació CJ?

Because of many reasons, your buyers might need to return the packages to CJ. Most of time, we do not know which customer or buyer the order belongs to and what products are inside when we received it. That will make the situation confused! In order to solve this issue, you need to follow the steps below so we will know who returned the orders and what is inside and return reasons.

1. Go to AS Service Center on CJ and click the return button on the top right corner

2. Go to “setting” to complete the store link and store image, which makes your customers know who you are.

3. Sending the return link to the customer and let him enter the form. After we received the returning package, we will notify you about the returns.

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