Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Drop Shipping?
Drop shipping is a retail fulfillment method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead directly transfers End Customer orders and shipment details to the Supplier, who then ships the goods directly to the End Customer. The Vendors make their profit on the difference between the Supplier and Sale price paid by the Supplier to the Vendor.
2Why Dropshipping is the Future?
More or less, “dropshipping” is a business where the retailer doesn’t a keep the stock in his or her possession nor process the requests. All requests are satisfied and transported directly from a distributor, such as CJDropshipping. This enables the retailer to center around the advertising side of the business. Numerous names in this web-based business began with dropshipping, for example, Amazon and Zappos. Today, billion-dollar dropshippers such as Wayfair and the million-dollar Blinds.com can come to show you how profitable this market really is. The following are five reasons why the dropshipping is appealing to people who want to start a new business and earn passive income. Drop Shipping is Future
3How to start drop shipping business?
  • Drop shipping is an extremely popular business model for new entrepreneurs, especially Gen Xers and Millennials, due to internet marketing skills far outweighing financial capacity. Since you don’t need to stock or handle the items you are selling, it’s possible to start a drop shipping business with limited funds.
  • An e-commerce website that operates a drop shipping model purchases the items it sells from a third-party supplier or manufacturer, who then fulfills the order. This not only cuts operational costs, but it also frees up your time to focus all of your efforts on customer acquisition.
  • If you are ready to start a business that can compete with retail giants, and do so on a limited budget, then follow the six steps below. While it doesn’t take a lot of startup funds to launch a drop shipping business, it will require an immense amount of hard work.
  • Check it here: How to Start Drop Shipping Business
    4How to Run Facebook Ads?
    CJDropshipping is a reliable drop shipping source and fulfillment company. We are not good at Facebook Ads. If you want to start your Facebook campaign, you need to learn from somewhere else, like Youtube, Facebook Group or paid course. Here are some channels that I knew (Those channels are only for reference, you should learn and decide it by yourself).
  • Free Channels:
  • 1. Youtube 2. Facebook Group
  • Paid Channels:
  • 1. The Unhooked Method - Manual Bidding Case Study For Facebook Ads.
    5What is CJDropshipping offer and strength?
  • No Setup Fee, No Monthly Fee, No Storage Fee, No Minimum Order
  • CJ APP is easy to use for hundreds of thousand products posting, order processing and free
  • US warehouse inventory and shipping, another faster shipping than ePacket
  • Sourcing any products for your drop shipping business and free
  • 7*24 online support with different language
  • Professional products video and images supply
  • Quality control and brand building for you
  • Price normally lower than Aliexpress and eBay vendors
  • Same day processing if products stocked in the warehouse.
  • Real-time hot selling products updating
  • We charge our drop shippers only products cost + shipping cost if products are from our warehouse. Also, our APP is free to anybody. You can check detail here: CJDropshipping Service Fee
    6What is difference between CJ Dropshipping and other Dropshipping APP?
    Check it here: CJDropshipping Comparation and Print on Demand is coming soon.
    7What is difference between CJ and Aliexpress?
    You will understand why CJ instead of Aliexpress by reading here: Why CJ Instead of Aliexpress
    8How does name "CJ" drop shipping come?
    The CJ is shortened by Cute Jewelry, and our origin company name is Yiwu Cute Jewelry Co., Ltd. We started from jewelry and then switch drop shipping business since 2015. Check it here: CJDropshipping Expanding History
    9How to work with CJ Drop Shipping?
    First, you need to create your own Account. Create a new account 1. Let us know your best sellers with your current suppliers' Aliexpress link or picture. Then we will try to source and quote you a better price than your current vendor. You can watch the video here. Watch Tutorial 2. If you like the price, then send the orders to us, You can place drop shipping orders through our APP. You can watch the video here. Watch Tutorial. You can also place csv or excel drop shipping orders. You can watch the video here. Watch Tutorial. 3. Once you paid for the drop shipping orders, then we will try to fulfill the orders on the same day, and generate the tracking numbers for all of them.
    10How to List the Drop Shipping Items to My Store or Website?

    If you had authorized your store to our APP, then here is the way to list products to your store How to List Products to Stores

    If you are unable to authorize your store to our APP, then you have to list our products manually, please list the products only with button LIST instead of Source

    11How to Check the Inventory Status?
    You can check it on our websites. Most of our items will be in full stocks because we produce most of the items by ourselves, we can have them back to normal in a short time if it is out of stock. So, please do not be concerned about the inventory.
    12How Much is It for Shipping to Different Country?
    The shipping cost are depending on the weight and attributes of the products. We have a tool for you to calculate the shipping. Please make sure you had an account on app.cjdropshipping.com and logged in Check Here
    13When and How Can I Get the Tracking Number and Dispatching Time?
    Normally, we will send the tracking number and ship them within two working days after your payment received. You can refer to this tutorial: Get Tracking Numbers
    14Can I Get a Better Offer If Had a Long Term Cooperation?
    Sure, we would like to offer you discounts if your Bulk Drop Shipping Order quantity or amount is big enough. Normally, 1000 orders or 2000 USD totally order value will be offered 1-5 off.
    15How is the Packing like for Each Order?
    Normally we pack the products into an envelope bag that contains air bulb. We use also paper box/cartoon to for some special products. Custom packing is also  available if you required. Please check video here. 
    16How Can I Place a Drop Shipping Order?
    If you like the price we quoted, then send the orders to us, You can place drop shipping orders through our APP. You can watch the video here. Watch Tutorial. You can also place csv or excel drop shipping orders. You can watch the video here. Watch Tutorial.
    17Will You Send Invoice or Receipts along with the Parcel?
    No, we won't. Normally we only send items without invoice and receipts along with the parcels unless you request us to do so.
    18Do You Provide White Label/Branding Service?
    Yes, we do. Please check detail here: Add-on Service and video here: Laser Engraving
    19Will the Parcels Get Lost During the Delivery?

    There will be a risk of 1-3% order losing during the delivering if using China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus, we will not accept any complaints or refunds when choose this shipping method. We do not accept any complaints no-received items if your customer does not support to clear the custom. If some uncontrollable factors lead to the order missing by DHL, ePacket, USPS, China Post Registered Air Mail, we will resend the order again to your customer. Please click here: Learn More

    20Custom Items for Drop Shipping
    We have around 200 cooperated factories. And at the same time, we also have our own factory to make the jewelry as well as clothing related products. You just need to provide us pictures for reference and then we can quote you a nice price for drop shipping.
    21Can I Drop Ship Your Order on Aliexpress by Oberlo/Shopified APP
    Yes, you can. We have many Aliexpress stores for you to import our products data to your Shopify website. Our Aliexpress stores listed on cjdropshipping.com, please check the navigation with the name: Stores.
    22Why My Customers Didn't Receive the Products on Time Even over 2 Months?
    Our average delivery time to the USA is 6-14 days by ePacket and 14-25 days by China Post Registered Air Mail, however, it is an average figure which means there will be probably few delays during the shipping for some unlucky parcels. Sometimes because of the festival, serious weather, security inspection etc. Anyway, we will always follow this delay orders for you. Please click here: Learn More
    23Why There is no Tracking Information of My Package on Website?
    Normally, it will take around 3 days for tracking information updates when it is dispatched. If you have not seen the tracking information updates on the internet 3 days since dispatched, then it might because of the post office processing delay, we have to wait for another 2 days. As long as some products are too hot to keep inventory, there would probably be a momentarily out of stock for items you are working on. No worries, they will be back to stock in 2-3 days, and the tracking information will be updated soon. But you can also do some setting on CJ Dashboard to avoid customer complain: Please follow the setting here: Why Tracking Number is Not Working? Sync Tracking Numbers Before or After Dispatching
    24Why the Tracking Information of My Package Stay in a Location for a Long Time without Having a Change?

    For international shipping, the custom is a very strict role. They are always inspecting parcels in bulk instead of one by one.  When they find one hazardous article in a bulk large carton and happened one of our parcels (despite we are normally products) are also in this cartoon, then they will stop approving the large carton and take them aside. Next step, they will put them a more advanced inspection, they will open the carton and inspect them one by one. For this period, it will take a very long time, that is why the tracking information stays still without moving. Learn More

    25Do You Have the Photographing and Video Shooting Service? How long it will take to shot a video?
    Yes, we can do both: Add-on Service Please note: For the customer that cooperated for more than 2 months, and the average daily order amount is more than 500USD, we will provide photographing(pictures)service for free. Normally, it will take 2 business days to make a video if the products are stocked in our Yiwu warehouse. But sometimes will take more days if the product is not stocked in our Yiwu Warehouse. How to Use Video Shooting Service from CJ Dropshipping? View Detail
    26What about the Tax and Why Do You Put a Lower Value on a Package?
    Some customers are complaining about the price we wrote on the ePacket package lately, so we clarify this behavior right here to eliminate the misunderstanding. First of all, everything ships from one country to another country have to declare the value. That is the government policy. Frankly speaking, it is custom policy. And every country has a different taxing standard, for instance, Secondly, every country has a different taxing standard, and the price we usually write on the package is lower than the real price. For example, the price of the Customs Declaration showed above is $2.10, but it is far lower than the actual price. That is because if we write it at a lower price, the customers will not pay the Tax. And this is very important, each parcel and each vendor have to do this. So, to declare the lower value can avoid the tax effectively.
    27What is the Shipping Price and Delivery Time?

    With this Video you will know What is the shipping price and delivery time? The difference from Aliexpress shipping price to CJ shipping price. Shipping Price is insisted on weight, attributes, destination countries and also Shipping methods. You guys should calculate the shipping price by using our Tool And it is also available with delivery time.

    28Can i Import CJ Products to my eBay, Amazon, Lazada, Shopee Stores? What kinds of stores is CJ available to integrate?
    Currently, we integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon, Lazada, Shopee, Shipstation, Brightpearl. And will integrate with Wordpress, Wix, Magento, Squarespace, Ecwid, Etsy extra. If your store is one of them, you will be set up everything automatically processing. Otherwise, you will have to list or import products to your individual store manually and place the bulk excel orders to us.
    29Why There is No Buy Bottom and What is Difference Between LIST or SOURCE bottom? Why it says not found?
    Because we are drop shipping company, we do not retail, our orders are basing on your orders, that is why we do not have buy bottom. LIST means the products are very specific with detail, like pricing, shipping etc. it can be listed in your store by click. SOURCE means the products are from our cooperated factory, they do not advise detail about the products such as inventory, size, variants, weight etc. we need to contact them for detail, and then it will be updated to LISTable products.
    30How much is the Service Fee and APP Member Plan, What is your charges?
    We charge our drop shippers only products cost + shipping cost if products are from our warehouse. Also, our APP is free for anybody. You can check detail here: CJDropshipping Service Fee
    31Can Your Packages not Show Chinese Information, "Made in China", or "Ship from China'?
    The only solution to remove the product's "China" origin is to have it shipped out from our US warehouse. Any packages that need to clear custom going from China to other countries will need to show the place of origin on the custom labels.
    32If i find a product in taobao or 1688, can we provide u the link and u buy and ship for us?
    Yes, it works. Normally we will add 5%-15% of the extra price on the 1688 product price as margin and processing fee, and then we will calculate the shipping cost by using our Shipping Calculator. so our final price will be products price + shipping cost. Please check this tutorial on how to post sourcing request to us: Post Sourcing Request
    33When adding products is it possible to select more than one shipping method in order to give my customers a choice?
    Actually, you can do that!You can add anything shipping methods to your store manually, and change shipping method on CJ order page when submitting orders to CJ.
    34What is the current hot selling, winning, trending products?
    You need to install CJDropshipping APP on your mobile device. Please search CJDropshipping on APPLE STORE, GOOGLE PLAY or some other Andriod APP STORE. We will notify you through the mobile device every working day.
    35How to track Aliexpress Standard Shipping?
    36How Many Payment Methods We Can Choose? Do We Need Pay Upfront?
    We provide 6 payment methods, PayPal, T/T (Bank Wire Transfer), Western Union and CJ Wallet, Payoneer, Credit Card. And you do not need to pay upfront. Details: Payment Methods
    37How to open a dispute on CJ APP?
    We would like to help your business grow, and we will be the response for each drop shipping orders from CJ. Please read here: Open a Dispute
    38Which products I can sell on CJ APP?
    We have two different types of products on our APP. The first type is sourceable products which mean this product is available on our cooperated factories, but we do not have the specification on it, we need to contact the cooperated factory about detail such as weight, inventory, and quality etc. so we can know the total dropshippinig price and will get back to you with specific listing once we have it, that is why you need to submit the sourcing request to us. The second type is listable products which mean the products are available with the specific listing, such as weight, inventory, packing, total dropshipping price etc. you can list them to your store by one click. So you should sell the products that with bottom List instead of Source.
    39How do you deal with Refund Resend Return Policy?
    Please view here: Refund or Resend Policy
    40How Do People Like CJDropshipping? What is CJDropshipping Review, Rating?
    Please check it here: People Like CJDropshipping
    41For Dropshipping with AliExpress: How do you ensure potential new customers know about the long shipping times? Do you add the "2-4 weeks Shipping Time" in the FAQ section and/or Product page?
    It is better that you should mention it on both your FAQ or Products Page, however, it will affect your sales once customers see it. The best way is you should find a faster shipping method. Here we recommend you can try this: Shipping Calculator
    42How to return drop shipping orders?
    43How to import ALL CJ Products to my stores?
    You have to use our API to do that, please check it here: Developer
    44Why CJ products is cheaper than Aliexpress, but shipping cost is higher?
    Aliexpress shipping cost is fake, the vendors added the shipping to the products cost. Please read this article: Learn More
    45How to Use CJ Google Chrome Extension for 1688, Taobao Drop Shipping and Purchasing?
    CJ is also available with Google Chrom Extension. Similar to Oberlo works with Aliexpress, CJ Chrome Extension is working with 1688, Taobao and Tmall for sourcing, listing, wholesale etc. and more feature is under developing. You can install it by click: INSTALL and learn how to use it by click: How to Use CJ Chrome Extension?
    46How to increase sourcing request quantity? How many sourcing request i can post daily?
    The sourcing request is a popular feature in CJ. We are manual to find the products from our Cooperated Factory, Yiwu Market, 1688, Taobao that you are interested in selling. We spent time on researching and listing to our platform. CJ would like to remind you guys to precious the sourcing resource or our team will be too busy to have the sourcing work done on time. And this also affects other clients that need result urgent. Our system will automatically increase the sourcing request quantity when you keep placing orders to CJ.

    For starting user: 5 sourcing request available daily

    For user placed more than 50 orders: 10 sourcing request available daily

    For user placed order amount more than 2000USD: 20 sourcing request available daily

    For user placed order amount more than 2 million USD: unlimited

    You can also purchase our paid plan for increasing request quantity.
    47What is Private Inventory?
    If you want faster shipping directly from the USA domestic shipping or to prevent products from lack of stock, then you should purchase private inventory.

    It means the stock is available to you only, and you can use this inventory to deduct the product price in your next order.

    How to Purchase Inventory or Wholesale on CJ APP?
    49How to Use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) with CJ Dropshipping App?
    50How to Connect Your eBay Store to CJ Dropshipping APP?
    51How to Use CJ Drop Shipping and Aliexpress Better at the Same Time?
    It is not about the operation on CJ APP. It is about the mastermind. Please read it here: You should use both Aliexpress and CJ
    52How Does CJ Dropshipping Work and What is the Overview?
    53How to Use Private Inventory on CJ Dropshipping?
    Please check this article steps: How to Use Private Inventory on CJ Dropshipping?
    54How to Shorten the Processing Time or Make It Faster?
    The processing time and shipping time advertised are on average. For the shipping time, there could be a delay for some package, especially during the peak season. For the processing time, if the product is ready in our warehouse they can process the same day or the next day after your order. If we have to order from the supplier, the processing time is around 2-3days including the time we need to receive the product in our warehouse. sometimes the supplier may be lack in stock, then we will inform you about the delay. If you have stable orders we normally recommend our customer to buy the private inventory to put in our warehouse so as to accelerate the processing time. We have warehouses in YIWU, SHENZHEN, USA(east and west) for better handling of the shipment. Please check detail here: How to shorten the processing and shipping time or make it faster for Shopify Dropshipping?
    55How to Verify Your Email Address After Registration?
    Please check this article and follow the steps: How to Verify Your Email Address After Registration?
    56How to Connect Your Amazon Store to CJ Dropshipping APP?
    57How to Authorize Wix Stores to CJDropshipping.com?
    58How to Add Orders Tracking Feature on Your Shopify Store?
    59Why My Products are Published and Being Sold on CJ?
    When sending us product sourcing request, then we will spend the time to source it and make it as a private product which is only visible to you! If you did not send us orders for this product over 2 weeks, then we will probably make this product to be public which means the product will be visible to any other people. Meanwhile, if you sell this product and asked us to keep a lot of inventory for you under your agreement, and you are unable to sell these inventory at the regular time, we will make this public too. Sometimes, when you post a sourcing request to CJ. The product might be already existed and publicized in CJ which you did not find it. We will mark this sourcing request success and you will see the product as public status that meant the product will be visible to any users by searching. Please read our privacy policy here: Privacy Policy
    60Do I Have to Charge the CJ Wallet before Using Your Service?
    No, You do not have to charge the CJ Wallet before using our service. Charging CJ Wallet is only for getting bonus.
    61How to Setup Shipping Formula in Shopify Store?
    62How to Setup the Drop Shipping Store Delivery Policy to Customers?
    63How to Place Sample or Testing Orders in CJ?
    Sample or testing orders are considered as wholesale orders in CJDropshipping! The difference is wholesale is by bulk but sample or testing order is by one or two items. Please follow these steps: How to Place a Sample or Testing Order?
    64Why CJ USA warehouse does not accept returning products?
    As you can see most of the dropshipping products are small value items and the labor cost in the USA is very high (15USD/hour). If we receive a returned item, we need to open it and check the quality and looking for the SKU, etc that will cost much more labor than the value of the item itself. That is why if customer return products, they need to return to our China warehouse instead of the USA warehouse.
    65How to Use CJ Fulfillment Service?
    Please check this article steps: How to Use CJ Fulfillment Service?
    66How to Transfer Stores to Another CJ Account?
    Please check this article steps: How to Transfer Stores to Another CJ Account?
    67How to Generate an Invoice Containing Orders during a Certain Time?
    68What is Points Reward and How to Use it?
    Please check this article steps: What is Points Reward and How to Use it?
    69How to Use New Custom Package Feature?
    Please check this article steps: How to Use New Custom Package Feature?
    70How to Connect Your Shopee Store to CJ Dropshipping APP?
    71How to Connect Your Lazada Store to CJ Dropshipping APP?
    72How to Export Orders from Shopify by Using Tool?
    Before placing csv or excel drop shipping orders. You will need to export orders from Shopify, you can do it either from Shopify store order section or using EXPORT OrderPro from Shopify APP Store.
    73How to Import Excel or CSV Tracking Numbers to Shopify Store by Bulk?
    After Exporting Tracking Numbers from CJ APP, You will need to import tracking numbers to your Shopify store by Using MassFulfill to do that. You can search it from Shopify APP store.
    74Common Issues with Woocommerce Store and What Should I Do?
    75Why Listing to eBay Store Fails and What Should I Do?
    76Why My Tracking Number Not Synced to Shopify?

    Let us know if you need help.

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