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List products to your store automatically.
  • 11、Can I add my logo to products and packaging?

    You can design your personalized product using our design tools- laser color printing and Laser Engraving. Most importantly, no minimum order requirements--you can order even one product. Know more related information about adding your logo on products.   

  • 12、How many kinds of customized packaging CJ has?

    You can learn it on My CJ—Customized Package.
    1. Pre-Designed Packaging: Packages with the icon (pencil and ruler) can be designed; packages without that icon can be purchased directly.
    2. My Custom Packaging: Your design will be displayed here after added texts and logos on packages. 
    You can contact your agent or our customized package agent to check if there are more packages you want.

  • 13、How can I import products from Aliexpress or other platforms?

    If the product exists in CJ, you just need to connect the products from your store with CJ's. 

    If the products don't exist in CJ, you need to post a sourcing request for the products and connect or list the products to your store. 

    After it, the connection will be set up and orders will automatically come to CJ system. 

  • 14、What's the difference among 'source', 'list', and 'connect'?

    List means products are prepared with details, like prices, shipping methods, etc. They can be listed to your store with a click.

    Source refers to products from our cooperated factory. They do not have details, such as inventory, size, variants, weight, etc. We need to contact partners for them, then products will be updated to "Listable products".
    Connect means the match between products in your store and the ones on our platform.

  • 15、How to use CJ's Print on Demand service?

    There are two different ways to use our POD service:

    You can add special designs on products in the Print on Demand area.

    You can add logos to the product in CJ app-design by merchants while your customer can add the logo to the product in your store-design by buyers.

  • 16、What's the quotation for the POD service?

    The product price on the POD page includes all products and printing prices.
    If we print the logo ourselves, we don't have a MOQ.
    If the logos are printed by the supplier, the processing time can be shorter with a higher MOQ.

  • 17、Do you have a MOQ for POD products?

    We have no MOQ for most POD products. And you can print a logo on your product even you place only one order. Besides, your agent can help you get a discount if you have bulk or regular orders.

  • 18、How does print on demand look like by lasering?

    We're willing to help you grow your brand, that's why we provide POD serviceCheck lasering material and price.

  • 19、Do you provide custom packaging services?

    Yes, custom packaging is available at CJ. We can put custom cards in addition to custom packaging. If you are interested, you can go to My CJ > Custom Packaging to choose and design your own packaging. Find more details here.

  • 20、Can I get a sample of custom packaging?

    There are two ways to get a sample:

    1. Contact your agent to get the quotation > pay for the package > Wait for the arrival and printing > Your agent sends you the picture;

    2. Design the package > Purchase the package > Package connection > Wait for the package to arrive at our warehouses > Add the order into the cart and pay for the order.

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