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List products to your store automatically.
  • 21、What's the quotation for custom packaging?

    The quotations for the existing packages can be found on the custom packaging page. Please be reminded that the printing cost is included in the price.
    If you want to place a bulk order for packages or check the real picture, please contact your agent or our customer support.

  • 22、Can I get a better offer or discount if I have long term cooperation?

    Sure, we would like to offer you a discount if you have a large quantity or amount of dropshipping order.

    You can contact your agent for it.  

  • 23、Can I import CJ products to my store?

    Currently, we have integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Bigcommerce, Wix, PrestaShop, ShopLazza, Magento, AllValue, and Shipstation. If your store is one of them and authorized to CJ, you can LIST products to your store easily.

    If you don't have one of the stores mentioned above, you can also save the product images and upload them to your store and then place manual or Excel orders to us.

  • 24、Can you buy and ship the items in Taobao or 1688 for us?

    Yes, we can. Normally we will add 5%-15% of the extra price on the 1688 product price as margin and processing fee. Then, we will calculate the shipping cost by using our Shipping Calculator. So our final price will be product price + shipping cost. Please check this tutorial on how to post sourcing requests to us: Post Sourcing Request

  • 25、What is the current hot-selling, winning, trending products?

    You can install the CJ Dropshipping APP on your mobile device. Please search CJ Dropshipping on APPLE STORE, GOOGLE PLAY, or other Andriod APP STORE. We will notify you through the mobile device every working day. 

    Besides, you can find them on: 

    1. Our YouTube Channel;

    2. CJ Web;

    3. Our Facebook Fans Page

  • 26、How can I post more sourcing requests?

    Our system will automatically increase your sourcing request quantity if you keep placing orders to CJ.
    For user LV1: 5 sourcing requests available daily.
    For user LV2: 10 sourcing requests available daily.
    For user LV3: 20 sourcing requests available daily.
    For user LV4: 50 sourcing requests available daily.
    For user LV5: unlimited sourcing requests available daily.
    For VIP users: unlimited sourcing requests available daily.
    You can also purchase our paid plan for increasing the quantity.

  • 27、Do you provide products with videos?

    Yes, we provide photos and videos for some products. You're more than welcome to download them.

    You can also post a photography request to get high-resolution photos or videos according to your request. 

    Besides, we have "Product Videos" on our mobile app. You can go through it and find a niche. 

  • 28、How to find the hottest products in the summer?

    Which product is the hottest in the summer? Trying to take advantage of summer shopping? We selected a bunch of hot products to help you avoid any dog days. Check the exclusive product recommendation for summertime.

  • 29、How can I list all the CJ products to my store?

    You can use our bulk listing feature. Simply, "Add to Queue" first. Yet we'd highly recommend our Affiliate project where you can sell all of CJ products.

  • 30、How to list a variant before listing to Shopify?

    There are two methods:

    1. Choose one variant and click "Edit before Listing". The variant can be imported to your store as a product;

    2. List all of the variants together then copy the product in your Shopify store as many times as you need. Then just delete unnecessary variants out of each listing.

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