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  • 41、What are the trendy products in winter 2020?

    According to the sale records, the outstanding products in the winter are 

    1. lighted Bluetooth knit hat 

    2. heating coaster 

    3. wipes heater 

    4. portable clothes iron 

    5. illuminated folding umbrella

    6. shoe dryer

    7. flipped snowman doll

    8. knee pad massager. 

    Therefore, we can choose these products to sell or other products that can give your customers a warm winter. For more details, please check here.

  • 42、Can you ship products from your warehouse to Spain?

    Yes, we can ship to Spain and fulfill the dropshipping orders to Spain.

    If you are a dropshipper from Spain and not so familiar with CJ, We recently got reviewed by a YouTuber from Spain to talk about CJ and dropshipping together. You can watch this video for more information: What is CJDROPSHIPPING and why is it an ALTERNATIVE to ALIEXPRESS? 

  • 43、We are a dropshipping company from Spain, how can we work with CJ?

    CJ can sync and fulfill the orders from your store automatically, including packaging and dropshipping to your customers. 

    Just sign in your CJ account and verify your email address. 

    As dropshippers from Spain may concern, we also prepared one video cooperated with Youtuber from Spain for your reference: What is CJDROPSHIPPING and why is it an ALTERNATIVE to ALIEXPRESS? We speak with the person in charge

  • 44、What's new about products in CJ now?

    We selected some fancy High-tech Dropshipping Products for November 2020. Like Photochromic Sunglasses; Intelligent Education Robot; Wireless Bluetooth Earphone; A15 Pen Table; Multi-intelligence Electric Wine Aerator; LZR Glove; Intelligent Nails. 

    For more details, please find: 7 High-tech Dropshipping Products for Prosperous November 2020.

  • 45、What does the target price mean in the sourcing section?

    It means your budget for the product cost. Our sourcing team will source the product based on the provided product image, target price, and URL.

  • 46、What does "Lists" mean?

    On the product page, 'Lists' suggests how many times the product has been listed in different stores.

  • 47、What is an oversized product?

    Oversized products, also named light goods or measurement cargo, refer to large but lightweight packages. The actual weight and volumetric weight are different, so it will cause a difference in the shipping cost.

    Basically, volumetric weight (KG) is generated by the formula: length* width* height (centimeter) / 6000.  

  • 48、Why there is no variant information to the SKU (UGS) in my WooCommerce store?

    If you click "Edit Before Listing", the variant information will not be included in the SKU in the Woocommerce store. 

    Here are two possible solutions: 

    1. List all variants and delete the unnecessary ones; 

    2. Manually modify the SKU in your store.

  • 49、When will my private inventory be available?

    It depends on which warehouse you choose to stock and if the factory has enough inventory.

    For China warehouses, the average time is about 3-5 days.

    For overseas warehouses, the average time is about 20 days.

  • 50、When listing products, how can I multiply the product price and import it to my store?

    1. Add the product to Queue;
    2. Find the product in My CJ > Products > Listed > Queue;
    3. Select the products and click "Bulk Listing" to make your pricing rules;
    4. Click "Start Listing".
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