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  • 21、What's the difference between USPS and USPS+?

    USPS refers to the shipping method from China warehouse to the US. 

    USPS+ supports shipping within the US.  

  • 22、What does the 'free shipping' symbol mean on the product page?

    A product with a "free shipping" symbol means that the product will be shipped directly from the supplier outside of China. They can only be sold from the local warehouse to domestic customers. 

  • 23、How long does it take to process my order before it can be dispatched?

    If you have inventory in the CJ warehouse, the processing time is normally 2-3 days.

    If there's no stock in the CJ warehouse, we need to purchase the products first. The processing time will be longer, normally is 2-5 days. 

    If you want to know more updates about your orders, please feel free to contact your agent.


  • 24、What are the restrictions for shipping destinations?

    Please be reminded that products in our overseas warehouses can only be delivered to domestics customers. 

    In other words, for customers from worldwide, only products in the domestic warehouse and China warehouse are available for their choices.

  • 25、Can I use CJ warehouse to store and ship my own products?

    Yes, you can use CJ's fulfillment service. In addition, we can also provide dropshipping service for your customers. 

    Find more details, please click here:  How to Use CJ Fulfillment Service?

  • 26、What is CJ fulfillment service?

    We accept customers to stock inventory in our warehouses (including 4 China warehouses, 2 US warehouses, and 1 Poland warehouse). Moreover, we can ship your inventory to your customers from the overseas warehouse which can shorten the shipping time.

    Find more information, please click here:  How to Use CJ Fulfillment Service?

  • 27、Is the estimated shipping time accurate?

    Numbers in our shipping calculator are provided by local carriers and based upon our tracking history.

    However, we cannot make promises as the actual shipping time can always be affected by different factors including inventory level, customs clearance, policies of your local carrier, etc.

    So the best way to figure out the shipping time is to place a testing order.

  • 28、What is the DHL Remote fee?

    A Remote Area is defined as a postcode or in the absence of a postcode, a suburb /town name that is difficult to serve. 

    If the postcode of the recipient address happens to be included in the Remote Area List, a Remote Fee will be charged. 

    Kindly refer to Remote Area List 2021 (Effective Date: 10 Jan 2021) 

    or DHL Surcharges

  • 29、How to generate a tracking information update email to my customer when I forgot to turn on the email permission? (Shopify)

    You can click 'Sync' on the top right in My CJ > Orders > Orders Fulfillment > Pending/Processing after turning on the notification email permission in both Shopify and CJ (Authorization > Shopify) and the email will be sent again.

  • 30、How to turn off the automatic emails sent to my customers? (Shopify)

    You can turn off the Email Permission in My CJ > Authorization > Shopify 

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