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  • 31、How to Set Up Shipping Formula in Shopify Store?

    1. Set up your shipping rates and methods;

    2. Add product weights;

    3. Choose your preferred package type;

    4. Get free package material;

    5. Print a test shipping label.

    For more details, please find the tutorial: How to Set Up Shipping Formula in Shopify Store?

  • 32、Is there any way to reduce the shipping cost?

    CJ can help check if there are orders that can be shipped from the US to reduce the shipping cost and time. Just click "Optimize Warehouse" for imported orders and select available orders to change warehouse.

  • 33、Why is there a shipping difference?

    If you find the shipping cost is different from what it was estimated on the listing page, the possible reasons are:
    1. The order contains more than one item;
    2. Special product attributes such as fragile items;
    3. The shipping method was changed.
    The dimension and weight are the main elements that affect the final shipping cost. For example, we will use the bubble film to protect fragile items and it may cause the change of packaging size and shipping cost.

    If you have any doubts about the shipping costs, please feel free to contact our online agent to check it.  https://chat.cjdropshipping.com/?autoArtificial=1#/newChat

  • 34、How to set up IOSS declaration on CJ?

    From July 1, 2021, customs regulations have changed and any shipment from a country outside the European Union is now subject to VAT and customs duties.
    To facilitate the delivery process of parcels to EU countries, CJ has enabled IOSS Declaration options including:
    1. Declaration with no IOSS;
    2. Declaration with your own IOSS;
    3. Declaration with CJ's IOSS.
    You can choose your declaration options in Profile > IOSS Setting.
  • 35、How can I declare without an IOSS ID?

    The recipient will be required by the customs to pay for VAT with a delay in clearance. The item may be confiscated or destructed if the recipient refuses to pay VAT.

  • 36、Can you recommend some shipping methods to the US?

    You can find the shipping methods recommended below upon cost efficiency (shipping time & cost updated on June 19, 2021).

  • 37、Is there a way to import shipping methods?

    For Shopify stores, you can set the corresponding shipping methods on CJ so that your imported orders will have a default shipping method if it's available to the destination.

    Please kindly check the picture.

  • 38、How to track orders on CJ?

    1. Click the tracking number to track it at cjpacket.com;

    2. Copy the tracking number and track it on your tracking page.

  • 39、What is Address Management used for?

    Address Management refers to that our customers can add shipping addresses here for the bulk purchase orders. You do not need to manually fill in the address information when submitting a bulk purchase order.

  • 40、How do you charge the VAT upon IOSS?

    When you select CJ's IOSS number to declare, you will need to pay the VAT and a handling fee (VAT*3%).

    The VAT rate differs from different countries, you can refer to the sheet inside.

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