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List products to your store automatically.
  • 41、Is it possible to sync tracking numbers to my Etsy store?

    Yes, they can be synced to your Etsy store automatically when tracking numbers are generated on the CJ.

  • 42、The tracking number didn't work, how do I do it?

    Basically, we will sync the CJ tracking number or the local tracking number to your store, and it depends on the shipping methods.

    You can choose to sync the local tracking number in Dropshipping Orders so your customer can track the whole delivery in the destination country.

  • 43、Can I let my customers know the tracking number after order is dispatched?

    Sure, you can set up when to sync the tracking number to your store in 'Dropshipping Orders'. (Set it in 'Orders Fulfillment' and click this button )

    'Sync before dispatching' can show the fast delivery to your customers while 'sync after dispatching' will let your customers get the tracking info quickly.

  • 44、What are the countries that CJPacket can ship to?

    CJPacket Ordinary/Sensitive can ship to most countries including the US, UK, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, etc.

    As for other countries and areas, you could also check the available shipping times/methods/costs

  • 45、When can I get the tracking number?

    Normally, a tracking number will be generated within two working days once the payment has been made. The tracking information will be updated if the order is shipped out from our warehouse and the freight forwarder processes it. If you want to get more updates, please feel free to contact our online agent. online agent

    Here's a tutorial on how to get the tracking numbers.

  • 46、Can you ship to my customers if I have my own products?

    Yes, you can ship your products to our warehouses. And we can ship them to your customers. 

    It is called Fulfillment Service in CJ. And when you have placed orders for the corresponding products, we will ship them out from our warehouse directly. We only charge some warehouse fees and processing fees. 

    Click here to learn more about our fulfillment service.

  • 47、How to Set Default Shipping Method Precedence?

    1. Go to Profile > Default Shipping Method Setting;

    2. Click "Add" to select a category and Precedence;

    3. Save.

    For more information, you may refer to this tutorial.

  • 48、What are the shipping costs and delivery times to different countries?

    The shipping cost depends on the shipping method, destination country, weight, and attributes of the products.

    We have the shipping calculator to calculate the average shipping cost and time

    You can fill in the required information to find out the cost and delivery time.

    To get online assistance, click here to talk to CJ agents.

  • 49、Why does the tracking information not update?

    The tracking number will be generated in several hours to 1 day after the payment.

    You can click order logs on My CJ > Orders > OrdersFulfillment to check more order information.

    Besides, you can contact our agent for tracking numbers and updates.

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