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  • 1、How to open a dispute on CJ APP?

    CJ is responsible for each order from CJ. 

    For Fresh CJ, you can open a dispute in Orders > Orders Fulfillment > Pending/Processing/Dispatched/Completed. Check the specific tutorial here: New CJ: How to Open/Close a Dispute on CJ?

    For Classic CJ, you can open a dispute in Orders > Orders Fulfillment > Processing/Processed/Completed > Operation > Dispute. 

    Also, for bulk purchase orders starting with "ZF", just click the "Dispute" button to do it.

    If you want to close/cancel the dispute, please go to AS service center > Awaiting response > Dispute reviewing > click "Close" at the bottom of the page.

  • 2、How do you deal with Refund Resend Return Policy?

    CJ will make a Refund, Resend, or Accept the Return for the following cases:

    1) delayed orders;

    2) lost packages;

    3) damaged/wrong/missing products;

    4) destination countries limitations;

    5) shipping methods limitations.

    You can go through the Tutorial for details.

  • 3、How to return drop shipping orders?

    When clients want to return their dropshipping orders, you and your customers will need to pay for the shipping fees. 

    Please check the details here: How to Return Dropshipping Orders to CJ?

  • 4、How to issue a ticket to CJ management?

    When you are using CJdropshipping to run your business, you may encounter doubts and questions in different aspects. There are two ways to contact us:

    1. Click the "Chat" window on the left corner of the page. Then, you can talk to our human agent in real-time;

    2. Open a Ticket to our CJ management. See more details here

  • 5、What should I do if my customer says he doesn't receive the package when the tracking number shows as delivered?

    We are sorry about it. As a sender, we are unable to prove whether the package is delivered or not. Therefore, please advise your customer to check with the local postal office about the package status. If the postal office confirms that the package is delivered, he can appeal to their website for an investigation.

  • 6、Why doesn't the US warehouse accept returned products?

    Most of the dropshipping products are low-value items and the labor cost in the USA is very high (15USD/hour). If we receive a returned item, we need to open it and check the quality and look for the SKU, etc. These will cost much more labor than the value of the item itself. That is why if the customer return products, they'll need to return to our China warehouse instead of the USA warehouse.

  • 7、How to set up a delivery policy in my store?

    You need to take the following into account, Shipping & Delivery Time and Costs, Customs & Duties, Return & Exchange Policies. You can check the article here for more details.

  • 8、How long can I get my refund on Stripe?

    Depending on the bank's processing time, it can take 5-10 business days to complete the transaction. While refund requests by Stripe users will be processed immediately. 

  • 9、How long does it take to review a dispute?

    2 working days, it might take longer if the dispute is complicated and involves different platforms.

  • 10、Where will the refund be deposited?

    The refund will be transferred to your payment account if you use Payssion, otherwise it will be deposited to your CJ wallet. Please note, if the orders are closed in the CJ system, then the refund will be deposited into your CJ wallet.

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