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List products to your store automatically.
  • 131、What's the shipping time to the USA?

    Normally the shipping time to US is 10-15 days. It also depends on the different shipping methods. The processing time is 2-4 days if you don't have inventory. We need to purchase it from the supplier first. And the processing time is only several hours to 1 day if you purchase private inventory in our warehouse. There's no warehousing fee for the first 3 months if you stock products in our China warehouse. For more details, please kindly check this tutorial.


  • 132、What is the difference between CJ Inventory and Factory Inventory?

    CJ inventory refers to products in CJ warehouses worldwide while factory inventory refers to products from cooperated factories of CJ.

    More specifically, if a product is out of stock in the CJ warehouses, we will have the product sent from a factory warehouse to the CJ warehouse first and then ship them to your customers.

  • 133、How to connect my TikTok store to CJ?

    Having applied access from your agent, you may connect your TikTok store with us so that we can fulfill your orders automatically, 

    1. Click 'Add Store' in Authorization;

    2. Select your business domain;

    3. Log in to your TikTok account;

    4. Complete the authorization;

    5. Check your store status.

    For more information, please refer to this tutorial.

  • 134、Available tutorial for Shopify customers.

    Here're the available tutorials for Shopify customers, please kindly check.

    1. Authorization:  How to Connect Your Shopify Store to CJ?

    2. List Products: How to List CJ Products to Your Shopify Store?

    3. Connect Products: Use CJ Automatic Connection Feature

    4. Source Products: How to Source from Your Shopify store?

    5. Sync Orders: How to Sync Store Orders?

  • 135、How can I get a referral code?

    The referral code is a tracking code provided by CJ for specific partners. The code may have a CJ coupon, fill in the referral code when registering and it will automatically obtain coupons, but whether there are coupons depends on the results of negotiations between CJ and partners. This code is optional when registering.

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