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List products to your store automatically.
  • 21、Will CJ send tracking information to my customers?

    Shopify stores can send the shipping confirmation to your customers when orders have been fulfilled on CJ. Notification emails to your customers can be set up in your Shopify authorization page > email permission. Find more details in the tutorial.

  • 22、How to join CJ Supplier and use the System?

    Become a supplier. You are supposed to have products with a stable supply channel. And you can have long-term cooperation with us. 
    Then, you can ship them to a CJ warehouse. We will dropship them for you. Here is the tutorial for you: how to use CJ supplier system.
  • 23、What is the CJ Dropshipping?

    CJ Dropshipping provides dropshipping, sourcing, POD, video/picture shooting, wholesale, white-label/custom packaging, fulfillment, etc eCommerce source solutions. If you want your products to be drop shipped, you can also become a CJ supplier and put your inventory in the CJ warehouse. We will have hundreds of retailers to sell the products for you.

  • 24、How to use CJ APP on Shopify?

    Find CJ Dropshipping App here or search CJ App on the Shopify App Store and install.
    After installation, you don't need to create a CJ account and authorize it to CJ. This app will help you finish the authorization and account creation with just two clicks. You can also avoid the difficulties like not receiving a verification code when registering CJ or authorization failure.   

  • 25、How to create a sub-account for your VA in CJ APP?

    You may hire employees to deal with your business when you have stable orders per day. In this situation, it becomes necessary to share the account for your partners or coworkers. 
  • 26、How to work with CJ Dropshipping?

    Please find the overview of the entire process here. And you can always click "Alex" for guidance.

    If you have a store, you can start a business on CJ as follows: Create your Own Account

     > Store Authorization > Product Listing/Connection > Sync your orders > Pay.

    If you don't have a store, you can place orders as follows: Create your Own Account

     > Choose the product > Add to SKU list > Go to OrdersCreate Orders.

  • 27、How to use the CJ fulfillment service?

    CJ fulfillment service is a service product that allows you to ship your own products from our warehouse.
    When you have orders synced or place orders to us, we will help ship them from our warehouse directly. We only charge some service fees. Find the tutorial here: How to use fulfillment service in CJ Dropshipping.

  • 28、Can I use Shopify and CJ APP at the same time?

    Yes, you can. If some of the tracking numbers are not synchronized to Shopify stores successfully, you need to do this: Why is My Tracking Number Not Synced to Shopify?

  • 29、Do I Have to Top up the CJ Wallet before Using Your Service?

    No. You do not have to. CJ Wallet is just one option to make payment while you can pay for your orders by Wire transfer, Payssion, etc. 

  • 30、How does the custom packaging work?

    The general process can be summarized as: 

    1. Check the kinds of packages;

    2. Design the package;

    3. Purchase the package;

    4. Package connection;

    5. Wait for the package to arrive at our warehouse;

    6. Add the order into the cart and pay for it. 

    Check here for details: How to use custom packaging.

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