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List products to your store automatically.
  • 31、Are there any reliable ways to make money online?

    You can become a freelancer, online coach, or sell products with dropshipping. CJ recently cooperated with WED2C, which can help every person to start a business with no money. It is free for everyone and can provide marketing support for the business.

  • 32、What should I do if eBay's listing quantities are not enough?

    You can apply for more listing quantities. If this is the first time to apply for the listing quantities, you can click the link here to accomplish it. 

  • 33、What you may need if Paypal asked to provide receipt from supplier.

    Paypal will temporarily suspend or limit your account due to certain reasons and it requires you to upload some files or proof.

    We can provide the following information:

    a. Dropshipping Agreement;

    b. Receipt from Supplier;

    c. Proof of Fulfillment.   

  • 34、How can I access an order's transaction details?

    Go to My CJ > WalletBilling History and enter CJ order number, then you will get all the payment details of this order, including payment account, amount, refund, and deduction.  

  • 35、What payment methods are available now?

    Payment methods available now:
    Wire Transfer (T/T);
    Pay with Credit Card;
    Pay with CJ Wallet and combined payment;
    WeChat Pay;
    For more information, please check here:Payment
  • 36、Can I change the item location on eBay?

    The item location will be in China by default when you list products from CJ.

    You can change the item location for each product on eBay. Or you can modify the default address information for future listings by Account > Address.

  • 37、My FB ads are banned. What should I do?

    1. Fix the issue of why your ads are banned. If it involves copyright, please replace the image with an original one. 
    2. Fill an appeal. Contact the FB staff in the notification that FB send to you.
    3. Contact FB support.
    4. Use a new account or create a new manager account.
    For more details, please look at the video
    If it does not work, please contact us for help.   

  • 38、Why my Ads are banned by Facebook?

    FB's conditions and terms violation can explain the situation. Here are some common reasons:
    1. Copyright. Check whether there are some pictures or words from others.
    2. Nudity. Pay attention to the images of your ads to avoid sexual implications.
    3. Many bad reviews or reports against your ads.
    4. Click-bait. Your ads involve exaggerating titles and functions or fake descriptions to attract users.
    For more details, please find the video

  • 39、Can I link my CJ account to 2 Shopify stores?

    Yes, CJ supports connecting 2 or more Shopify stores. The steps are the same as usual: Click "Add Stores" in My CJ > Authorization or install "CJ Drosphipping" in the Shopify app store.  

    But one Shopify store can only be authorized in one CJ account, if you want to transfer your store to another account. Please refer to this tutorial. Transfer store

  • 40、Do you support connecting the Amazon store?

    So far, we do not support connecting the Amazon store directly. Yet you still can create orders manually from CJ for your orders. If you want to list products in your store, please try to create a listing from Amazon Seller Central.
    If any problems, you can also contact our online agent for help.

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