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List products to your store automatically.
  • 1、Why did my Shopify orders fail to synchronize?

    Your order status must be paid, unfulfilled, and placed in the past 7 days. If your orders are not synced, please check if:

    1) The order payment status is 'Authorized'. Please wait for the arrival and the status becomes 'Paid'.

    2) You didn't click "Start to Sync Latest Orders". 

    3) The product(s) is not properly connected. 
    You can find more details in the tutorial.

  • 2、Why are my Woocommerce orders not synced?

    Your orders will be synced to CJ only if they meet the conditions following:

    1) Check if the store is authorized.

    2) Your store orders should be paid and valid;

    3) The status of the order should be "Processing"; 

    4) The orders should be placed within 7 days. 

  • 3、Why did the eBay orders fail to sync to CJ?

    Check the possible main reasons below:
    1) Your order checkout is completed but the payment is still being processed. Please make sure it's 'paid'.
    2) Your order has been marked as shipped. Please make sure it's not shipped by any other platforms;
    3) You have modified or deleted the product information. Please go to Products-Connection to ensure a proper connection.

    For more reasons and detailed solutions, please check this tutorial.

  • 4、Why does the withdrawal fail?

    Please note that the balance in the CJ wallet can only withdraw back to the original account

  • 5、If I post a photography request and pay successfully, does that mean I have the copyright?

    You can choose to own the copyright when you pay for the photography request.

    If you pay for the copyright version, then it is only visible to you. 

    If you pay for a video without copyright, then it can also be used by other users after payment.

    Feel free to contact our online agent for more details.

  • 6、How to connect my Shopify stores to CJ?

    Go to My CJ > Authorization > Shopify > Add Store. Click here for specific steps.

    Please make sure to input the store name without '.myShopify.com'.

  • 7、Why are some of my orders not imported to CJ?

    You need to click "Sync Store Orders" to import your store orders manually.

    If they are in theInvalid Orders, please:

    1. Connect the unconnected variants in the order;

    2. Click "Batch Update to Orders" and the orders will be added to Orders automatically.

    For specific steps: How to Deal with Invalid Orders?

    To get online assistance, click here to talk to CJ agents.

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