How to Place CSV Drop Shipping Order

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To start your first drop shipping CSV order by following steps, please make sure you have created an account from us.

Step 1: Confirm the items SKU if we have it. Source the items and name the Sku if we haven't it.

We need to confirm the SKU for drop shipping products before starting it. You may talk with our processing manager and they will create an individual page which contains the entire SKU you drop ship. You will have to fulfill the new SKU for the CSV file. Normally the SKU number are listed on each page of the products.

Despite being an experienced drop shipping partner, we cannot guarantee to fulfill every item requested, due to the various drop shippers running SKU.

Once accepted as a drop shipper, you can post product sourcing requests. This entitles you to request products to be drop shipped -- even if we don’t have them yet. Our team will carefully review your request and identify if it is feasible.


Step 2: Bulk dropshipping orders by spreadsheet delivery.

You need to export the orders report from your stores, or fulfill the CSV sheet template ( Download it ).

You need also calculate the amount of the bulk CSV drop shipping order. This number will be required when submit the CSV orders to

Please don't forget to fulfill the confirmed SKU onto the CSV file. Account Dashboard > My Bulk CSV Drop Shipping Orders. Just select your processing manager and confirm the order amount, then submit the file for our reviews. we will get back to you soon.

Click here to learn how to submit the CSV orders.

You can also check the status for each orders on the order page


Step 3: Sending Payment to us.

After order confirmed, you will receive an email from our system which includes instucation of sending the payment to us. Please note the full payment is required before order getting dispatched. We are appreciated you can issue the payment ASAP, so there will not be delay of processing your Bulk CSV Drop Shipping Order


Step 4: Get the tracking numbers from us

We will try our best to upload the CSV file with tracking number fulfilled in 24 working hours. Account Dashboard > My Bulk CSV Drop Shipping Orders > Order List > VIEW/PAY > Message History. You will be able to download the Tracking Numbers.


You can also place the drop shipping orders using Oberlo or ShopifiedAPP to connect to our Aliexpress stores: