How to Post Products Sourcing Request

Disclaimer: Despite being an experienced drop shipping partner, we cannot guarantee to fulfill every item requested, due to the various drop shippers running SKU.

Once accepted as a drop shipper, you can post product sourcing requests. This entitles you to request products to be drop shipped -- even if we don’t have them yet. Our team will carefully review your request and identify if it is feasible.

Step 1: Create an account on

  • Click Here to enter the ‘create account page’

Create an Account

  • Fill in your information and complete your personal profile.

Complete Your Personal Profile

  • Select ‘YES’ under the option of ‘Do You Want To Become a Drop Shipper’ and click ‘create an account’

Become Drop Shipper

  • Click the ‘Become a Drop Shipper’ button and create a user name for your drop shipper account. Once finished, save it to proceed.

Create an User Name

  • Please allow for 24 working hours before your profile is approved by our team.

Waiting for Approval

Step 2: Once approved as a drop shipper, you may begin posting product requests by clicking the left button.

  • Click the button ‘Post Product Sourcing Requests’ and fill in the blanks with the product detail

  • To start, select the simple product style. (You can always change variants later on)

Post Products Sroucing Request

  • Select the Product Category in which you belong to, normally, it will contain your name

  • Fill in the blanks with the products name that you are inquiring

  • Place a short description for the products, ensuring we meet your expectations

  • Please note the SKU is generated automatically by the system, you do not need to make an SKU for the products. The SKU will also be used as your product’s ID once it is approved

Fill in the Blank with Products Detail

  • Please specify your target price for the product

  • You may also mention the quantity you are capable of selling, this is to provide you of the lowest quote

  • You also have the option to make your products visible on our site, or to hide it

  • You are required to place your product’s weight as this is directly linked to the shipping cost Please specify the current price of your vendor as this is the price we will refer to

  • If possible, please inform us of your product page from your store to help us create variants of your product

  • Lastly, your product’s picture is the most important reference, so please attach a photo or video

Product More Detail

  • Go back to the top of this page and click the ‘SAVE’ button, your product request will then be uploaded.

Click SAVE

  • Refresh the page and click the button ‘My Drop Shipping Products List’ and check the product’s status. When the product’s status is approved, that means this product is feasible, and we can drop ship it for you on that price and quantity.

My Drop Shipping Products List

Above are the steps for being a drop shipper. Next, are instructions on  How to Place CSV Drop Shipping Order.