Яагаад CJDropshipping-тэй хамтарч ажилладаг вэ, энэ нь юу санал болгодог бөгөөд хүч чадал вэ?
05 / 16 / 2018
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05 / 19 / 2018

CJ APP дээр маргааныг хэрхэн нээх вэ?

CJDropshipping маргаан

CJDropshipping маргаан

We would like to help your business grow, and we will be responsible for each dropshipping order from CJ.

1. Явах “DropShipping Center”>> “DropShipping Orders” >>Processing, Processed, Completed (These three sections are available to open dispute)

2. Use the SEARCH blank to find the issue order.

3. After you located the issue order then click the number of different status and click "Маргаан".

4. Сонгох “Dispute Type”.

5 дугаартай. А сонгоно уу “Expected Operation”.

6. Upload screenshot of buyer complaints (email address is A MUST) and images of the parcel. Also, leave us a message for review. Then, “Confirm” энэ нь.

7. After your issue order is submitted, go to “AS Service Center” болон дарна уу “View”.

8. You will see the process on this popup window.

9. You can “Agree” our refund on the dispute page once we CJ agree the refund. And it will be deposited in your wallet and can be used to pay for other drop shipping orders.

10 дугаартай. Энд та бүх үлдэгдэлээ шалгаж, хэрэв хүсвэл та төлбөрөө төлж болно.

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