First impressions are everything. Right or wrong, the quality of your images greatly influence a customer's perception of your product or service. You may produce the world's best "widgets", but if you market them using low quality photographs the world will assume your products are of low quality as well. And we can provide a professional skill to take photos as well as making videos for you.

Please note: For the customer that cooperated for more than 2 months, and average daily order amount are more than 500USD, we will provide photographing(pictures)service for free

Product photography shot with flair

    There are many ways to shoot a product and we have catered for pretty much everything over the years. In addition, if you want to keep it simple and cost-effective your product photographer can shoot on a white background. If you prefer to add a different dimension to your product photography we can add some creativity to your shoot with a backgrounds, lighting techniques and post-production procedures. If you want to promote an aspirational lifestyle our photographers and stylists can help you achieve the right environment and mood.

Packshot Simplicity

   Product packshot photography on pure white are perfect for many uses including ecommerce, brochures and advertising material. From jewellery to jamjars, from chairs to coffee makers, sofas to shoes, from blue chip companies to smaller businesses Prodoto make it simple.

Imaginitive Creativity

    With the use of different techniques, the Prodoto team can create something special for your product photography. Our team will employ various creative effects to make sure your final images are exactly what you need, including coloured backgounds, drop shadows and reflections, lighting effects, dramatic angles and atmospheric colours.

Lifestyle Individuality

   For projects where a full room set is unnecessary but where elegance or realism is needed for your commercial photography, this option is ideal. Each product photographer has the skill to recreate the perfect lifestyle setting, selecting appropriate lighting, backgrounds and props. The result - breath-taking product photography that never fails to impress and with our in-house sets and competitive pricing structure, this option proves very popular with our clients.

Product and Fashion Video

  In the modern age of ecommerce, if you don’t feature product video online you could be losing sales. We produce room set, product and location videos to compliment our stills photography. Products are brought to life in high definition video to add real selling power. Click any of the images below to see examples of our fashion, product and roomset video.

Fashion Video

   All our videos are edited in house, overseen by our videographers to ensure consistency with the shoot itself. We can hire catwalk video models for you from one of our preferred agencies, based on your requirements, or you may source them yourself. We also offer creative fashion video if you are looking for something a little more bespoke. 

Product Video

   Product video is a great addition, or alternative, to product photography. Our videographers catch all of the features on details of your product with a small sequence of camera angles and pans: Perfect for showing products with multiple features or functions. We will shoot to your brief to ensure we capture your products in the best way possible to show all the technical aspects and aesthetic features. We can shoot in multiple settings, including room sets, coloured background or for a more clinical look on plain white.

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