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03 / 26 / 2018
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03 / 28 / 2018

هڪسل يا سي ايس وي آرڊر ڪيئن درآمد ڪرڻ

To place orders from an e-commerce platform other than Shopify conveniently, there is a way to import your orders using our Excel Template manually.

جيڪڏهن توهان Shopify پليٽ فارم جي استعمال ڪري رهيا آهيو، ته توهان ڪري سگهو ٿا اسان جي ايپليڪيشن تي پنهنجي دڪانify اسٽور جوڙيو ۽ اسان جي نظام ۾ خودڪار طريقي سان بحال ٿي سگھن ٿا.

If you are using other platforms not integrated with us, please follow the steps below to submit orders to us.

قدم 1: لاگ ان to your app.cjdropshipping.com > click on My CJ

Step 2: Before importing any excel orders, make sure that پيداوارون you want to order from us have been added to your SKU List.

There are 2 kinds of products that can be added into your SKU List:

  1. Products that we’ve successfully sourced for you after you post your sourcing request
  2. شين اسان جي ويب سائيٽ تي.

Step 3: Under the DropShipping Center > Imported Orders > Import Excel Order > Import New.

Step 4: Click on the Excel File Icon. Note: you can also choose the copy and paste option or create orders if it’s not a bulk order.

قدم 5: ڪلڪ ڪريو لاهيو اڳيون Excel Orders Template to download our template > Click Confirm.

Step 6: Open up the Excel File ‘CJDropshippingExcelOrderTemplate.xlsx’

قدم 7: Do not remove/change the top row highlighted in green.

  • آرڊر نمبر - آرڊر نمبر توهان جي اي ڪامرس اسٽور مان
  • SKU
    • For products that have VARIANT, make sure the variant is included in the SKU. For example: CJABCDEF12345-Red-XXL.
    • For products that have NO VARIANT, make sure the “-default” is included behind the SKU number. For example: CJABCDEF12345-default.
    • Variant means the product may have different models, colors, sizes, etc.

بعد ۾ سڀني لاڳاپيل فيلڊ ڀريو ويو آهي، هڪسل فائل محفوظ ڪريو.

Step 8: Go back to the CJ account, and click on Import Excel Orders> click on Upload > Confirm

Step 9: If you are have successfully filled in the excel template, you will see a screen that popped up showing the number of orders successfully imported. After you click on ‘Confirm’ you will see the order in the ‘Process Required’ as shown below.

Check the orders that you would like to proceed, and click ‘گاڏي کي شامل ڪريو'.

If our system detects an error in the excel file that you uploaded, please follow the steps below to fix the errors.

Step 10: An error screen will pop up, click ‘Confirm’.

Step 11: The screen ‘Failed to Draft’ will indicate the field that is erroneous with red underlines. Make sure to fix ALL red underline fields before resubmitting. When all the errors are fixed, check the orders you want to Import.

Step 12: Click ‘Yes’ to resubmit the orders

Step 13: Orders that have been correctly submitted after you made the change will disappear from the ‘Failed to Draft’ page.

When you’re done importing the orders, you will see it under the ‘Process Required’. Check the orders that you would like for us to process, and click ‘Add to Cart’ to make the payment.

Please note, we can only process any orders after receiving payment on the orders.