How to Connect ShipStation with CJ Dropshipping?

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How to Connect ShipStation with CJ Dropshipping?

Shipstation is a software company that helps eCommerce entrepreneurs more efficient at processing, fulfilling, and shipping their orders. It combines order processing, production of shipping labels, and customer communication in ShipStation platform. 

I use both Shipstation and CJ, how can I connect them?

1. Log in to your CJ account and go to My CJ.

2. Click Authorization > ShipStation > Add Stores

3. Fill in the API Key and API Secret.

How to get the API Key and API Secret?

1. Login your ShipStaion

2. Welcome Page > Navigation > Account Setting > Account > API Setting > API Key > Generate API Keys

3. Copy and Paste API Keys & API Secret in the required fields and click Authorize

4. You need to contact our agent for further setting once authorize success

After completing the steps above, you can check whether your ShipStation is successfully authorized here:

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