CJ APP will be under maintence on 27th May

Dear Customers Since we are determined to make our APP works better and better, we need a whole day to update our hosting on this Sunday 27th May. You will be unable to access to app.cjdropshipping.com during the time, that means you can do nothing during the day. It will be working after 27th May Shanghai Time. Please contact our agent by Skype or Whatsapp for an emergency.

Drop Shipping Partner

The primary drop shipping partner of many of the top 100 SHOPIFY, AMAZON, EBAY, ETSY stores.

Why Us Instead of Aliexpress


Customers feel wired to get different parcels when they placed one order in the same store. We can combine orders for you, we can put different products into one same parcel, it will save your time, shipping cost and the customer will be happy with that. When you have a problem with orders, you need not contact different vendors, we are the only one after-sale for you, take care of everything. We can source for you with a lot of different prices and with a lower price than Aliexpress or eBay. Make your store more reliable.
1: Difficult to talk with different vendors
2: Different products in one parcel, and save shipping
3: Aliexpress will not be cheap anymore
4: Too much competitor when scale up
5: Reject your payment

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Sourcing Request

Why need sourcing request

There would be a possibility of 80% that your top sellers have not been listed on our site yet. No worries at all, we are in China which is known as the biggest exporting country, and we can source any products in the country for you without any charges.
Send the sourcing request with products picture or link to our support email or Skype and we will check it.
1. You need to tell us the Aliexpress or another platform link of those products.
2. You need to tell us the shipping method you would like to use.
3. You need to tell us your target price of dropshipping for this product.
4. You need to tell us the weight of this product.
5. You need to tell us the volumes of those products you will sell.

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Add-on service you may required


How to Connect WooCommerce Manually

Requirements It’s required turn on the WordPress permalinks at: Settings > Permalinks. Enable REST API To enable the REST API within WooCommerce, go to WooCommerce > Settings > […]

Why CJDropshipping is the best?

We are a professional team having 100+ people and one goal for drop shipping. Our main customers are Shopify, Wordpress, eBay, Amazon, Etsy runners who are focusing on marketing and left other things like products sourcing, order processing, and shipping to us. We have around hundreds cooperated factories and 20,000 square meters warehouse. Factory direct supply goods, offering a full range of drop shipping business allows you to carry a large variety of products at a low price without the cost of warehousing them. We have our own FREE APP and hundred thousand of products that can be posted to your stores with just a few clicks. Post sourcing request to us then sell all products by not what you see. We have our own US warehouse and products here can be delivered just in 2-5 days to US customer. One to one communication, so you will know anything about your products and orders status. Moreover, your custom cards and pouches are also available to be inserted into each your parcels. The fastest processing time is the same day. As far as now, we are the primary drop shipping partner of many of the top 100 Shopify and WooCommerce stores.

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How to Work with CJ

Shipping Price and Delivery Time


You need to sign up an account on app.cjdropshipping.com if you are a drop shipper. You may be able to send us sourcing request, check quality, win points, pay with credit, tracking numbers automatically updates, list hundreds thousand of our products, check orders status, track your orders etc just by clicks.

If you are a guru or blogger please sign up an account on affiliate.cjdropshipping.com, then you could make money when you introduce us to your friends if they came with orders..

With the account, you will be a real drop shipper to know products news from China and hot niches in drop shipping business, you will get everything organized and improve your working efficiency, and less mistake.

With products connection, you will be able to tell our system which products in your store need to be fulfilled. You may talk with our representatives about the products you are selling. And then they will set up the products to your SKU LIST if you did not authorize your store to our APP. You will have to fulfill the SKU for the CSV file. Normally the SKU number is listed on your account.

After products connection, the system will import orders from your stores. You can select any of these orders and add to cart and pay it at once. Even we are sleeping, you can forward orders to us by using our app. We will process the orders once we are working. please note the full payment is required before order getting dispatched. We are appreciated you can issue the payment ASAP, so there will not be a delay in processing your Bulk Drop Shipping Order

Our system app.cjdropshipping.com is available to upload tracking numbers to your stores automatically, you need to do nothing once you made the payment.

If you do not authorize your store to our APP, then you can access the DropShipping Center and then Dispatched, After that, you will be able to download the tracking numbesr yourself.